Tips for Maintaining the Wooden Chipper

Best Tips for Maintaining the Wooden Chipper

Your wood chipper plays an important role in keeping your garden clean. It helps in removing the tree branches without generating any fume or pollution. You can easily diminish the debris and waste product of your garden with the best wood chipper. It is the most convenient way to take off the branches and other wood from the lawn and garden. But to get the best result, you also have to offer some maintenance and care to your best wood chippers. Some of the tips we are discussing here.

Tips for Maintaining the Wooden Chipper

  • It would be best if you kept your machine clean

After using the machine, you should always clean it so that no dust particles or debris material remains inside it. It prevents the entry of dust particles inside the fuel tank. This is mostly overlooked and ignored by the user. If dust materials get inside the fuel tank, then the problem of blockage starts, and the performance of the wood chipper gets down. It would be best if you took care of the engine of the machine so that no effect on the efficiency of the machine should be done.

  • The blade of the machine should be sharp

Keeping the blades of the machine sharp helps in doing the work effectively. The sharp blade saves time and does the work efficiently. If the blade of the machine gets blunt, then it will affect the working and productivity. When blades get blunt, then it should be replaced so that work can be done effectively and timely. Care should be done while changing the blades of nuts and bolts.

  • Use genuine parts in the wood chipper machine

If you are replacing any part of the machine, then you should ensure that all parts which you are going to replace must be genuine. If you use local material, then it will affect the performance of the wood chipper. Also, if after some time your machine starts malfunctioning, then you will face the problem in facing the warranty claim. Genuine parts are durable and ensure that they work efficiently and give peace of mind to the user.

  • The air filter should be cleaned at regular times

We use the wood chipper in the dusty environment; thus, it is important to check the air filter of the machine. Checking and cleaning the air filter of the machine will add more life to it. It also improves working productivity. If it is not done timely, then you will get your wood chipper with a clogged engine. The overheating of the engine will also start with the bad and dusty air filter.

  • Using Coolant during the winter

It is common during the cold weather to froth the engine. To avoid such situations, you should use the radiator coolant mixture so that the engine works properly. If the engine gets frozen due to the cooling, then you will not be able to work with that wood chipper. So you would ensure that your machine remains in the best condition to operate or result in the best working output.

  • Proper greasing should be done to the bearings

Most of the wood chippers have the point of greasing, and regular internal greasing should be applied to that bearings. It works best on the nuts and bolts points. The cleaning of the machine should be done before applying lubrication or greasing to the machine. Depending upon the machine type and manual of the product. If the bearings points get dried, then it can result in premature wearing of the parts and lead to a breakdown, and you have to replace or repair the damaged part.


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