Solar Panel Installation Guide

Step by Step Solar Panel Installation Guide 

Solar Panel Installation Guide – Most of the family are moving towards solar panels with wide benefits and features. Installing solar panels without anyone else can be a financially savvy and remunerating experience. You can spare a lot of cash by removing contractual workers of the condition and invest heavily in your own handicraft. 

Here we will guide you step by step installation process of the solar panel. The steps are compromised by the following process of Solar Panel Installation Guide:

Step – 1: Mount Installation 

Step – 2: Assembly of Solar Panels  

Step – 3: Electrical Wiring  

Step – 4: Making Connection between Solar Panel and Solar Inverter  

Step – 5: Joining between Solar Inverter and Solar Battery  

Step – 6: Association between Solar Inverter and Grid  

Step – 7: Start Solar Inverter by Solar Panel & Grid  

Solar Panel Installation Guide

  • Mount Installation 

The very first stage of the installation process to decide the right place and direction in which the face of the panel should be kept. After deciding the location, fix the mounts that will support the Solar Panel. Depending upon the requirement you can go with Roof-ground mounts or flush mounts. It should be placed a little tilted. 

  • Assembly of Solar Panels  

After fixing the mount now it is the turn to assemble all parts of the solar panel. It is finished by fixing stray pieces. Care is taken to make sure about the entire structure appropriately so it is tough and keeps going long. 

  • Electrical Wiring  

Now you have to provide the power wiring to the solar panel. Universal Connectors like MC4 are used in the writing of the solar panel. Since it is a universal connector, it can easily connect with all types of solar panels. You have to consider the connection pattern.

  1. Series Connection: In this case, the Positive (+) Wire of one PV module is connected to the Negative (–) Wire of another module. This type of wiring enhances the voltage mate with the battery bank. 
  2. Parallel Connection: In this case, Positive (+) to Positive (+) and Negative (–) to Negative (–) connection is done. This type of wiring voltage of each panel remains the same.
  • The connection between Solar Panel and Solar Inverter 

The positive point of the solar panel should be connected with the positive inverter terminal and the negative wire with the negative terminal of the inverter. There are different associations too like battery wire connection and output wire association with the inverter. Taking all things together, Solar board, Solar Battery, and Grid input are associated with the panel inverter to create power. The output of the solar modules should be connected with the inverter input. 

  •  The connection among Solar Inverter and Solar Battery  

Now you have to establish a connection between the solar inverter and solar battery. Positive points are connected with the positive terminal and negative to the negative terminal. 

  •  The association between Solar Inverter and Grid 

So as to associate the inverter to the grid essentially plug it in the principle power switchboard, so it gets power from the framework. The output wire is additionally associated with a board that is providing power at home.

  • Start Solar Inverter by Solar Panel & Grid  

After completing all the above steps you have to switch on the mains. Most of the solar panels come with a digital display screen that shows the total solar unit generated during the day. Also, it will tell you what amount of current and volt is delivered from the solar panel. 

By following the above-described points successfully you can easily install the solar panel. So install the solar panel and enjoy the tremendous benefits of solar panels. Also, you can easily recover your investment cost in a few years.  


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