How to Use and Maintain a Leaf Blower


Essential upkeep checks can likewise assist you with investigating your product if it’s not running admirably, despite the fact that in the event that they neglect to address the issue and you don’t know how to fix your leaf blower, it’s ideal to take it to a helpful place for an expert evaluation. 

how to use and maintain leaf blower

Regardless of which sort of blower you own, however, the tips beneath will help prepare it for fall cleanup and keep it running all through the whole year.

Give it the correct fuel

 Most leaf blowers run on a blend of unleaded gas and 2-cycle oil. Before you start your leaf blower, look at your product manual to discover precisely what fuel it takes. 

Utilize the least force setting

Running your leaf blower at max speed puts a ton of mileage on it. Start with the most minimal force setting and work up from that point you may require less force than you might suspect. 

Avoid checks

Most leaf blowers have plastic parts that are handily broken. Therefore, put forth a valiant effort to abstain from hitting your blower against anything. 

Protect yourself 

Ensure yourself by wearing earplugs, goggles that satisfy eye insurance guidelines, non-slip gloves, non-slip shoes, tight attire, and long jeans while using a leaf blower.

Be chivalrous

Verify whether your local area has a law about when leaf blowers can be utilized. Try to keep away from early morning and late nights regardless of whether it doesn’t. Also avoid blowing leaves toward houses, individuals, pets, and vehicles. 



Wipe it down

Each time you are finished utilizing your leaf blower, set aside some effort to wipe it down with a clammy fabric. Make a point to clean the territory around the air channel, the fan edges, and the region around the carburetor. 

Routinely check the channel

The channel ought to be liberated from trash and in nice condition. Give it a clean in warm, sudsy water if it’s especially filthy. In the event that it’s ragged or old, throw it and get a substitution channel. 

Investigate the hose

It possibly requires a couple of moments to see if the hose is broken or free. 

Store it in a dry, safe spot 

A leaf blower ought to be put away in an all-around ventilated territory far away from hazardous synthetic substances or anything that could light the gas. 


Since you and your leaf blower are all set, it’s an ideal opportunity to handle those leaves for the last time. Once more, if these tips don’t get your leaf blower running, the most ideal decision is to carry it to an assistance place for a proficient fix. 

By dealing with your gear you can diminish the chances that your tool will require proficient assistance. A smidgen of upkeep presently will get you bunches of utilization from your leaf blower for quite a long time to come. We hope you enjoy your leaf blower for many years happily. 


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