How to Clean an Air Fryer?

Air Fryer Cleaning & Maintenance

Has your favorite air fryer gone dirty? Don’t worry you can easily clean it. An air fryer is a trendy kitchen appliance that allows you to easily get fried foods without much effort. 

How to clean an air fryer

However sometimes greasy material remains in the basket and your air fryer needs cleaning then here we are providing some do’s and don’ts that are effective while cleaning the air fryer. 

  • Do not delay your air fryer cleaning otherwise, you will regret it. 
  • If the bits of the crumbs get settled in the basket then it takes lots of effort and time to get removed. 
  • You should try to clean the air fryer when it is somewhat hot. 
  • Clean the basket of the fryer with warm and soapy water. 
  • Make use of a soft sponge or cloth for cleaning the basket. 
  • For removing the tough stains you can soak the basket in hot water and dish detergent. 
  • Inside cleaning of the fryer should be done with a damp cloth that is dipped in soapy water. 
  • A toothpick and a wooden skewer can be used to remove the stuck food from the basket. 
  • Wipe the exterior before using the appliance.

How often should the cleaning of the air fryer be done?

You should try to wash the air fryer after every use. Wash the basket, pan, and tray with soapy water. You should also try to clean the interior of the machine with a damp cloth. Before using it, dry all parts of the machine. 

Offering the proper cleaning and maintenance to the machine helps in maximizing the performance and adding life. 

What you will need to clean the air fryer?

  • A non-abrasive sponge or damp microfiber cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Baking soda
  • A clean and dry cloth
  • Soft bristle scrub brush

Cleaning instructions

  • Before starting the cleaning process unplug the fryer and let it cool down. 
  • By using a damp cotton or microfiber cloth you have to wipe down the inside and outside of the machine. After that use hot water and a non-abrasive sponge for cleaning the gadget.
  • After that turn upside down and with the help of a non-abrasive sponge clear the heating element.
  • Now it turns to clean the stuck on food. For this, you can make a paste of baking soda and water. You have to apply this paste over the dirty spots. After some time cleaning it with a clean piece of cloth.
  • Most of the fryer brands offer dishwasher safe baskets and pans so you can easily clean them by normal cleaning cycle. 
  • If you find any stubborn residual substance on the pan then you can fill the pan with hot water and let it be for 10 minutes. After that, by using a non-abrasive sponge you can remove that. 
  • In the end, let everything dry for a few hours. You can also use a clean cotton cloth to make the parts dry quickly. After that reassemble every part correctly. 

Also, you should check your air fryer manual for the right cleaning. You will get the proper instructions and information from there that will be effective in the right cleaning so that you can increase the life of your air fryer. 


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