Guide To Buy A New Mixer Grinder

Guide To Buy A New Mixer Grinder

We all know what a role mixer grinder plays in our kitchen. We can’t imagine our kitchen without a mixer grinder. We have grown up tuning in to its sharp pounding sound, while our mom/father prepared sauce or other soupy things to go with the other dishes. We also puree tomatoes and onions to make a zesty curry. A good mixer is unquestionably the most fundamental of machines, however one that we totally can’t manage without!

Presently, in the event that you are a fledgling with regards to utilizing a mixer grinder, we ensure that you will get familiar with some things about picking the best blender processor out there. So be with us and get the Guide To Buy A New Mixer Grinder.

Guide To Buy A New Mixer Grinder

To make your investment best you have to look at certain points such as-


One of the principal things to check with regards to a blender is how much wattage does it have. A higher wattage is valuable for crushing harder products and at a quicker speed. Anything from a 500 W to 750 W is sufficient for the kitchen use.

Sped of the mixer

The speed of the product will tell you how fast it is going to work. You will get the speed specification of the mixer in RPM i.e. Rotation Per Minute. A good mixer RPM lies in between 18000 to 23000 RPM. Also, there should be an option to control the speed of the mixer so look for the controlling knob. You can not prepare everything at a higher speed so the speed controller is required to change the speed of the mixer depending upon the working measures. ‘

Number of jars

More numbers of jars with the mixer offers more ease to the user. You can easily use the right and desired jar depending upon the work type. Mostly it comes with a set of two to three jars for the convenience of the user. You can use them accordingly for preparing the sauce, juice, and making the spices. It should be good enough to withstand the daily wear and tear that normally occurs in Home kitchen. A handle for easy handling or gripping should also be ensured at the time of buying the best mixer grinder.


Blades are the main working parts of the mixer. A good and reliable quality blade is necessary for a long time use of the product. The blade should be made up of stainless steel and most preferably belongs to the grade 304. A good quality blade holds resistance against water and moisture and maintains its sharpness for a long time.

Warranty of the product

You should always go with the warranted product so that if any fault or issue arises, you can easily contact the customer support team and get the replacement or repairing of the product free of cost. If a company offers a warranty then you also get assurance that you are buying a quality checked product. Most of the mixer grinder brand offers 2 to 5 years of warranty on their product. Also, you should check out the additional motor warranty for more assurance.


Price plays an effective role in getting the most suitable one mixer. You have to pay according to the features of the mixer. If you are going with a multi-feature mixer grinder then you have to pay something large or if you want just a simple mixer then you can get it by paying the nominal cost. Also, you should check before buying the mixer so that you do it get fooled with your product. There are some products in the market that are high in price but low in quality or feature. So do little research before buying the top quality mixer grinder for your kitchen.

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