Bissell Proheat Troubleshoot – Easy Tips Hot to Fix Problems With Your Bissell Proheat Vacuum

When you invest in a vacuum you expect it to last the duration. You also expect it to function well every time you turn it on. Even the best brands of vacuums have their issues. The Bissell Proheat is no different.

The good news is there is no need to give up hope on your Bissell Proheat. Before you start digging around or taking pieces apart, make sure you are familiar with all of the parts and how they are removed.

Here are some of the main problems that you may come across with your Bissell.

Bissell Proheat Troubleshoot

Bissell Proheat Troubleshoot When There is No Spray or the Spray is Reduced

The most common cause is that the water tank is empty. You simply need to refill the water tank with hot water. Never used boiling water.

Other causes:

  • The tank might not be seated in the right position. Make sure you turn off the vacuum. Remove the water tank and try and reseat it properly.
  • Sometimes the pump loses prime and you may not get sufficient spray. Turn the vacuum off and then back on again. Wait for at least one minute before depressing the trigger.

Bissell Proheat Troubleshoot – Your Dirtlifter power brush isn’t rotating

More often than not, especially when you have pets, hair gets tangled around the powerbrush. The power brush is fully removable. Press the two release buttons just above the brushes. Once the brush is out, you can remove any tangled hair and wipe it clean.

Other causes

  • The belt has come off or is broken. First, unplug the vacuum and remove the water tank, the nozzle, and the end caps. You will need to turn the vacuum on its side with the cord facing upwards. There is a silver screw to be removed from the pivot arm, then you will be able to lift up the pivot arm to remove it. From here, you can replace a belt that has come off, or replace a broken belt.

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The cleaner doesn’t pick up solution

The simplest cause is that either the tank is empty (refill it with hot water), or the tank isn’t seated in the right position (remove it and seat it correctly).

Other causes

  • The tank might not be assembled correctly. The tank has two latches on the sides. They need to be attached properly.
  • There is a maximum amount of dirty water that the Bissell can pick up before the red float door closes. It’s an easy fix, empty the 2-in-1 water tank and refill the tank with hot water. Ensure it fits back into place correctly.
  • The red float door will sometimes close from overly energetic vacuuming or accidental knocks. By turning the machine off, the float door will be released back to the open position. All you have to do is turn the vacuum back on again.
  • It’s possible that the red lint screen close to the air duct is dirty. You can rinse clean the top half of the tank via the nozzle area. This will clear the red filter of any dirt that may have collected around the area.

Bissell Proheat Troubleshoot When there is low suction or no suction

As with many of the previous problems, double-check the water tank is seated correctly. Also, make sure the water tank is not full.

Other causes

  • On occasions, the front nozzle or the fresh roll cover becomes clogged with dirt. This is where the nozzle clean-out tool will come in handy, use to tool to remove any clogs, hair, or debris that may have gathered.
  • On the water tank, you will find a rubber plug. If this plug isn’t closed properly it can cause the Bissell to lose suction. Before you replace the tank, run your fingers over the plug to ensure it is pressed in and lays flat against the top of the tank.

Some people may use their Bissell Proheat once a week; others may need to use it once or even twice a day. It is recommended that you carry out some simple maintenance checks to keep your vacuum running smoothly and working to the maximum capacity.

Removing the brush and nozzles and cleaning them will make a huge difference. It’s important that all parts are completely dry before you replace them. You can also flush the vacuum of any residual solution by reclining the handle and pressing the spray trigger for 15-second bursts as you push the vacuum back and forward.

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