Basic Deck Maintenance Tips

Basic Deck Maintenance Tips

You must be aware of the outcome that a stylish deck can offer you. It is the most liked choice of homeowners to offer a splendid look to the living area. Installing decking is the most convenient way to decorate your home floors. But you should keep in mind that decks are vulnerable to climatic conditions depending upon the type of decking you have installed. You have to offer safety from the dirt, algae, moss, and other such types of elements. These elements destroy the beauty of the decking. So here are some basic deck maintenance tips that you can follow to keep your decking like a new one.

Basic Deck Maintenance Tips

Inspect and Prepare the Deck

The deck you have installed in your home requires checking after some time. You should inspect it after two or three years. Proper attention should be given to the decking surface that has loose boards. Clear the deck after some time so that it remains clean and dirt free. Make sure that the time you start your cleaning process, your kids are not present there.

deck inspection and cleaning

Clean the Deck

You should clean all the dirt and build-up from the surface of the decking. After cleaning you have to apply sealant. With the help of a power washer, blast out all the debris present between the boards. Carefully clean all the molds and mildew from the deck. It is advised that you should clean the deck on a cloudy or cool day so that the cleaning chemicals quickly do not evaporate. Different varieties of deck cleaners are available in the market. You can select the best brand cleaner to get the best result. And you have to follow all the precautions and application manual of that cleaners so that not any side effect appears. Your deck will get dried in full night.  

Paint the Deck 

You can paint your deck with the available paint deck. The natural finish of the wooden deck is also quite attractive and most of the users prefer this. In case you are planning for paint then go with stain-blocking oil paint. The paint that gets soaked into the deck gives the perfect finish after getting dried. You should check that the paint should be waterproof. It should be protected from ultraviolet rays.

deck paint and sealing

Seal the Deck

After cleaning the deck and making it beautiful with paint now you have to apply perfect sealing to the deck. You can take the help of the brush, paint roller, or anything like this to apply the sealant over the deck. To get the fast result you can use spray sealant. If you have plant pots then remove them before spraying the sealant. A good sealant comes with UV protection materials that offer more security to your decks.   


You have done a lot of work for your deck. Presently for certain things to ensure all that difficult work doesn’t go to squander, ensure you clear all the time. If you have trees close to the deck, clear off any leaves or pine needles that may fall on a superficial level. When these get wet, it could transform your deck into a favorable place for mold if you do not take care of it. The equivalent goes for any plants you have close to the deck-on the off chance that they are contacting your deck, make a point to trim them varying. Also, certain synthetic concoctions you may use to treat those plants could hurt the completion of your wood, so utilize these carefully. 

To maintain a strategic distance from furniture on your deck, try to move the furniture around every so often. Consider what it would resemble on the off chance that you just applied sunscreen to one piece of your back for a day at the seashore. Steady presentation to the sun could change the shade of your completion after some time, so move things around to guarantee a predictable completion all through. 

Keeping up your deck takes some work, however on the off chance that you stay aware of it, it shouldn’t be a problem. We trust these basic deck maintenance tips help you to keep your easy to install decking looking new throughout the entire year.

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