5 Must Have Garage Features for Enthusiasts

If you are a lover of cars, you know that a garage is among the top things to invest in. This is not just space to merely pack your whip, but a place where you can work on your DIY projects, showcase your car to visitors, and a zone to hang out with close friends.

But you want to make sure that your garage is just the kind of space you envisioned for your vehicle. And for this, you need to see to it that various elements and accessories are available.

The following are 5 essential features you can’t afford to miss in your garage.

Garage Features for Enthusiasts

Garage Features for Enthusiasts

Car Lift

Having a car lift installed inside your garage is a smart way of doubling your garage’s parking space. They do a good job of making the most of unused vertical space and allow you to work safely and comfortably on the undercarriage of your vehicle.

If you have a second car that you want to store in the garage, a car lift will make it possible to stack it on top of the first one. For a low-ceiling garage, installing a mid-rise scissor hoist might just do the trick by raising your car 3 feet off the ground and leave you with more wriggling space.

Custom Flooring

The concrete floor on your garage may just do but redoing it with a floor coating can greatly transform your space from a dirty old garage to a beautifully smooth surface that will be the highlight of your entire garage design. A polyaspartic garage floor coating is among the best surfaces you can find in the market, and it comes in 15 wonderful colors.

Your garage floor will be more inviting with this beautiful coating that is quite easy to maintain. Another garage flooring you can go with is interlocking PVC floor tiles. They are quite attractive and easy to install, thanks to their interlocking design.

These floors are both stain-resistant, making them easy to clean and more resilient compared to concrete. Finally, they’ll ensure that your garage floor maintains its amazing shape for years to come as it continues to be the envy of your neighbors.


Inappropriate light in your garage can adversely affect the output of work and even result in costly mistakes. Fortunately, you can prevent this by simply opting to upgrade the lighting in your garage with fluorescent light fixtures.

Consider installing a 4-foot instant-on T8 light fixtures with wide diffusers or reflectors. Hanging shop lights that drop from above and illuminate your workbench is another great choice available to you.

Sometimes adding one of these lamps is all that is needed to bring more visibility to your dimly lit garage. Additionally, you’ll need a portable work light to help you with peering under your car and into crevices.

This will also come in handy if you are prone to dropping and misplacing tools or small pieces of hardware inside the garage.


5 must have Garage Features for Enthusiasts

You’ll definitely need as many tools as you can get in your garage, especially if tinkering on trucks and cars is your hobby. Equip your garage with all sorts of tools, including wrenches, sockets, and large-capacity compressors. Make sure you have a nice place to store them all by installing a tool cabinet and rack.


Having a bike inside your garage will come in handy for those days when you feel like ditching your car and exercising your joints and muscles. Whether you choose to go with a regular bike or an electric bike, you’ll get a needed break from driving your car every day.

You should always have spare equipment in your garages such as new bike wheels and bicycle tire.

Bikes are also a great alternative to having a second car for days when you want to break the monotony of the commute. Apart from that, you’ll be able to save a great deal of money for your job commute and running other household errands.

Not to mention that you’ll be burning those extra calories and getting your body back into shape one ride at a time.


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