Best Pocket Knives Under 30$ [Buying Guide & Reviews 2019]

 Pocket knives are the kinds of knives that have one or more blades. They have folded knives that fit in a pocket. They can also be called jackknives or penknives. Specifically, the length of a blade is 5 to 15 centimeters (2 to 6 in).  They are kinds of knives that can be used for different things i.e. they are versatile tools. They are used for opening, cutting, slicing and for defense. Being under $30 does not reduce knife functionalities. Having them in possession is a very cool thing to do. Apart from their usefulness, they are also very attractive. You might want to get one and see!

Best pocket knife under 30$

You don’t want to be troubled enquiring if there are amazing portable pocket knives you can dip your pocket without thinking twice to purchase i.e. the affordable ones below $ 30 whichever will serve the purpose they are incredibly and specifically designed for when doing juxtaposition with other ones with high-cost value. It is undoubted that there are quite a number of knives in the business market that you can get to meet your intended needs; however, venturing into ones that will save you of some bucks might be the next thing that runs through your mind. You must note that the price tag placed on some products at times might not justify the fact that they may function less than what they are purposely bought for.

These products to be explained are incredibly marvelous in relation to their usage in different places for different purposes. This makes them wonderfully invaluable just as the ones bought within the high price ranges. These knives are portable and comfortable when placed in the pocket which makes them the best of their kinds. From this article, your mind will definitely be blown up by reading the details on some of these best portable pocket knives under $30; why they are special and unique and the reasons they are the most preferable, interesting choice and positively commended by customers.

Best Knives Under 30 Dollars


Kershaw Select Fire

Kershaw Select Fire

This is seen to be a multifunction Pocketknife. It has a stainless steel blade of   3.4-Inch 8Cr13MoV.  The handle is textured glass-filled nylon which surprisingly makes it comfortable for grip, so it’s easy to hold while in use. Its outstanding features are seen to be1/4-Inch Hex Drive, 2 Flathead Bits and 2 Crosshead Bits; 5 oz, manual opening with a thumb stud, and liner lock. It is a premium wear blade that its management is pretty easy and interesting a resistance to corrosion. The design is unique and made to be a durable object. It is sold incredibly at an affordable price. It is designed by Gavin Hawk and custom knife makers Grant made by Kershawrice


  • It is of good quality
  • it is corrosion resistance
  • It is easy to sharpen and handle


  • The knot for the 90-degree position is very weak



Victorinox Tinker

Victorinox Tinker pocket knife

This is also another incredible pocket knife with large and small blades.  It comes with Phillips screwdriver. It has can and bottle openers with large and small screwdrivers. In addition, it has a key ring, tweezers, and toothpick. It also contains a wire stripper and a reamer. It is made up of a number of stainless steel implements and it provides a wide variety of functions. It contains every stainless implement that you might ever need for play or work. It is a durable object that will last for many years. It features all of the stainless steel implements needed for work or play. It is on a lifetime warranty.


  • It is a knife with a comfortable pocket carrying size
  • It is of very solid construction with good quality stainless steel.
  • It is easy to sharpen.


  • Some tools can be stiff at times to pull out
  • It might be too big for many uses. Phillips screwdriver is too big for many uses
  • The hook is difficult to pull out without fingernails


Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife 

Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife

This is another portable pocket knife that comes with an affordable price. It is useful for different adventurous engagements. It has a spectacular 14 functions with a 2.45-inch blade, corkscrew, bottle opener with screwdriver, scissors, reamers, wire stripper, tweezers, toothpick, and multipurpose hick. It is a durable object with stainless steel. Its construction is encased in polished Black ABS scales. It is the best knife for outdoor use such as camping, fishing, or hiking, it is as well useful in house or office.  The length is 3.58 (91mm), the height of 709 and weight of 2.91 oz. It is constructed in Switzerland. It is a distinctive knife with 13 tools. Surprisingly, it has acid-resistant plastic and aluminum handle.


  • It is easy to use
  • It is easy to sharpen
  • It is durable


  • The blades at times stick together after use


Multi-tool Jakemy 15 in 1 Portable Folding Pocket Knife

Multi-tool Jakemy 15 in 1 Portable Folding Pocket Knife

This knife comes with pliers, screwdriver, cutter, stainless Steel, Survival Tool meant for camping, fishing, and hiking. It is a product that comes with a pouch.  It has a spectacular 15 functions which are:  flat nose pliers, large slotted bit, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, Carpenters saw, Slotted screwdriver, can opener knife filer, folding saw, fish scaler, ruler, cutters, stripper, double-sided fail file, and hook remover. It is useful indoors for home decoration, furniture repair, cooking, etc and for outdoors engagements such as camping, hiking, fishing, and climbing.  It is 7.2-ounce lightweight and 6.3 inches. It is made of aluminum frame and stainless steel with premium rust resistance. It is comfortable when handled because of the ergonomic arc on the handle with the anti-slip teeth on edge.


  • It is easy to handle and carry.
  • It is rust resistance
  • It is usable for indoors and outdoors activities.


  • The tools might be incomplete at times


 Titanium Black Universal Pocket Utility Knife/Tool Set

Titanium Black Universal Pocket Utility Knife

This is a highly rated pocket knife. It is a durable object no matter what it’s used for. It contains 14 different tools to help with daily needs. These include a 2.5″ blade, nail file/cleaner, screwdriver, can opener, Philips head screwdriver, scissors, saw, fish scaler, corkscrew, bottle opener, leather punch, thread hole, file, and safety hook. The handle is awesomely made to fit right in both hands. The size makes it fit for your pocket when going out for outdoor activity such as hiking, camping, climbing and also useful for the home/garage, crafts, woodworking, and everyday use.


  • It is durable
  • It is easy to handle
  • It is of a high quality


  • Not strong like single-blade knives


Multi-tool Pocket Knife

Multitool pocket knife

This knife is said to have been built with the highest carbon content 420c with stainless steel rust proof material purposely to make it hard and sharp and to last for a very long time. It can be used within the house and outside for survival, camping and fishing. It has a safety lock backless it closes back while still in use accidentally. It comes at an unbelievable price. It comes with seamlessly transformed pliers, can and bottle opener, and 9 in 1 screwdriver bit adapters


  • It has a safety lock back
  • It is easy to use
  • It is affordable


  • Difficult to put in your pocket


Rover Tac Pocket Knife

RoverTac Pocket Knife

This is a fantastic foldable knife that has high utility value.  It is stainless steel made with durable black oxidation.  It is a pocket knife with an incredible blade, saw, pliers, screwdriver, a bottle opener that are perfect for Outdoor, Self Defense, Survival, Camping, Hunting and hiking. It is also necessary for home improvements. It is sold at an affordable price. This pocket knife comes with a ballistic nylon pouch this actually makes it convenient to wear on a belt loop.


  • .Compact and Durable
  • It has a safety lock back


  • It’s is designed only for adults


Old Timer 24OT Splinter Carvin’ Traditional Pocket Knife

Old Timer 24OT Splinter Carvin Traditional Pocket Knife

This is a distinct pocket knife sold at an affordable price containing 65Mn high carbon steel blades such as Detail blade, Straight gouge, hook blade, v-scorp blade, gouge scorp blade, Chisel blade, to saw cut handles, nickel silver bolsters, brass pins & liners, heat treated back Springs. The length of the blade is 1.48 inch (3.76 cm) and the handle to be: 4.34 inch (11.2 cm) the overall length falls on 6.01 inch (15.27 cm) with the weight of 0.25 lbs.


  • It is affordable
  • It can be used irrespective of the age
  • It is of good grips


  • It is not ambidextrous
  • It is not serviceable



Beautiful Green Wood 6.5” 100% Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife with Back Lock 100% Prime Quality

Beautiful Green Wood 6.5 100% Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife with Back Lock 100% Prime Quality

This is a fantastic affordable pocket knife that is highly rated among other pocket knives. It is sold at an affordable price. They are unbelievably hand forged with above (276) layers with the combination of (1095) and (15N20) high carbon tool steels with nickel layer Blade which has been given excellent heat treatment to get a (58to60) HRC. It is wonderful when held in hand and put in a pocket. It can be utilized for personal needs. The leather sheath is made originally perfect prime quality with thick cow skin. On it are double stitches with strong thick threads and pure star’s brass button. These prevent the bottom of the sheath from rusting.


  • Great for personal use
  • It is very strong
  • It is of high quality


  • It doesn’t come very sharp to buyers


Buck Knives 0385BRS TOOTHPICK Folding Pocket Knife with Wood Handle

Buck Knives 0385BRS TOOTHPICK Folding Pocket Knife with Wood Handle

It is an affordable pocket knife that is sold at a very nice price. The blade is of a satin finish, 420J2 Steel with a length of 2 1/4″ (5.7 cm) and the weight of 0.8 oz. (22.8 g). Magnificently, the narrow clip Blade is optimized for detailed cutting. The handle is made of wood grain Handle with Nickel Silver Bolsters which make it a stunning knife that is handsomely handy. It is a traditional compact containing a toothpick. That’s amazing! It is easy to carry with high utility value. It is a durable object that has a lifetime warranty.


  • It is affordable
  • It is durable
  • It is versatile
  • It is easy to use


  • It is so sharp that it can leave you with different cuts
  • The blade is not so strong


MOSSY OAK Multi-tool and Folding Pocket Knife

MOSSY OAK Multi-tool and Folding Pocket Knife

This is an affordable pocket knife with a cool price. It is a   camo set packed in a metal box that is great for Gift, camping, hunting, hiking, and other outdoors or emergency use. It is an amazing gift for holidays, events, friends or family. It is a 14-in-1 multi-tool knife- Being a foldable knife makes its versatile pliers used and portable. As a multifunctional tool, it contains stainless steel knife, awl, slotted screwdriver, can opener, serrated knife, Needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, bottle opener, wood/metal file, saw, Phillips screwdrivers, file, and locking button.

It is incredibly made of stainless steel with a guarantee on durability. It is corrosion resistance. It’s opening length is 6-3/8-inch with a folded length of 4-1/8-inch.  It is also made with a 3-1/4 inch 3CR13 blade with a folded length of 4-1/2 inch, the overall length of 7-3/4 inch, and weight of 0.25 lbs.  Its toughness and edge retention are from the well made black stainless steel blade which enhances its corrosion resistance. It has a secure line lock which prevents it from locking accidentally while still in use.


  • It is durable
  • It is corrosion resistance
  • It is comfortable when put in pocket
  • It is built with safe locking mechanism


  • The blades in the multi-tool are not sharp


Knives under 30$ – Buyer’s Guide 

Pocket knives have been of different helps to humanity for ages for cutting, saving, defense, hunting, slicing, etc. Choosing the good pocket knife can be tedious and arduous if you don’t know what to look out for in the intended product and the steps to take to get the desirable one. There are countless of knives in the market but the utility value you wish for will determine what you will get. It is necessary to have an idea about what you seek and how you can identify them. Getting a good pocket knife, you must check for the number of blades, edges, length, price, types and use, the right blade steel, handle materials, opening mechanisms, locking mechanisms,  brands, and models of traditional pocket knives. These have expatiated below:

Key Features

The Number of Blades

Multi blades pocket knife

There are single blade pocket knives and multi-blade pocket knives. Single blade pocket knives are incredibly strong and contain locking mechanisms, while multi-blade pocket knives are versatile, although they are not as strong as the single –blade pocket knives.


There are three edges which are: plain edge, a serrated edge, and combo edge. The plain edge is better at performing push cuts, have better control, speed and cleaner cuts than others, easy to sharpen but can’t saw and perform pull cuts. Serrated edge can cut rougher materials. It is thinner but difficult to sharpen. Combo edge is used for both push cuts and difficult cutting. It is also difficult to sharpen.


The Length of the Blade

The Small Blades

These are less than 2.75 inches. They are legal everywhere. They allow an easy carry. They are not as versatile and strong as the big ones.

Medium Blades

These are less than 2.75 to 4 inches. They are mobile. They have locking mechanisms. They may be seen to be illegal.

Large Blades

These are over 4 inches. They are much easier to carry. They are intimidating than small ones. They are heavier. They may be seen to be illegal.

Price Ranges

  1. $1-$30: These are economical knives. They are however functional getting work don3 has intended.
  2. $31-$65: These are basically for everyday tasks. They are the most highly rated knives.
  3. $66-$100: These are higher and model made with unique materials.
  4. $100-250: They are higher quality materials that are more stunning.
  5. $250 and above: They are made of amazing handle materials


Types of Blades and their Uses

  1. Clip point: this is a well-known blade in circulation today. They are used for everyday need; for hunting; piercing and slicing.
  2. Drop point: This is a great versatile blade for hunting, survival, skinning and piercing.
  3. Straight Back blade: This is used for chopping and slicing.
  4. Needlepoint: This is used for piercing objects.
  5. Spearpoint: This is great for piercing and slicing.
  6. Tango point: This is used for push cuts and piercing tough materials.
  7. Sheep’s foot Blade: This is used for cutting and slicing; to trim sheep’s foot and for whittling.
  8. Trailing point: This is used for slicing and skinning.
  9. Pen blade: This is used for sharpening a quill and absolutely perfect for small tasks
  10. Wharncliffe blade: This is used for carving wood and cutting.
  11. Spey–point blade: This is used for skinning fur–bearing
  12. Haw bill blade:  This is used for opening boxes, stripping wires, cutting cord, etc.


Folding Knife Blade Steel Selection

You must know what you intend to buy in relation to how strong it is in order for it to withstand your purpose. You must know how thick and strong it is and the type of steel the blade is made out of; the edge geometry and if it is corrosion resistance.

Pocket Knife Handle Materials

Pocket knife under 30 dollars

Here, you need to know if you will go for aluminum which has an excellent grip; celluloid, which can morph into any color of the rainbow; bone such as giraffe bone, jigged bone, scored bone and smooth white bone; wood such as Buckeye and burl, box, elder, bubinga, koa, snakewood,etc; G10 which is water resistance,  very durable, strong and lightweight being made of fiberglass; micarta which comes with hardness; titanium which is corrosion resistance, durable and lightweight; Zytel which is affordable, durable  stainless steel and corrosion resistance; Delrin which is durable; stag which is a rough textile that allows for a stronger grip; rubber which I durable; kraron which is soft and flexible; mother Pearl which is made of hollusks which is a durable material.

Opening mechanisms

  1. Manual–Opening Blade
  2. The Nail Nick: These are the grooves in the blade that make it possible for your nail to grab and open it up.
  3. The Thumb Stud: The protrusion in the blade makes it possible for you to open the knife with your thumb.
  4. Switchblade or Automatic: These are strictly only for law enforcement, military and people with one arm
  5. Assistant –Opening Mechanism: This requires a special force to make it open.
  6. Locking Mechanisms: The locking mechanisms you must watch for when doing your selection are liner lock, slip joint, lock back, mild lock, frame lock, ring lock, and liver lock.

Well known brand

There are a quite number of the popular brand out there. You might want to check some out the wise selection. Some of these are Victorinox, Buck, Kershaw, Schrade, Bakker, Gerber, Spyderco, Sog, Case, Old Steel, CRKT, Benchmade, Fallkniven, Almar Knives, Emerson Knives, Chris Reeve Knives, etc.

Traditional pocket knife Models

Some of these are Barlow Knife, Congress Knife, canoe knives, Elephant’s Toe nail Knife, Stockman Knife, Trapper, etc.


Pocket Knives F.A.Q.


How to Sharpen A Pocket Knife

Like every other existing knife in the world, pocket knives when becoming or after they have become blunt can be made to come back to their normal states as they are meant to be. You don’t want to waste precious time doing things that might get the precious knives of yours damaged when you could have gone through the right process and get it done fast and well. You don’t have to endure unnecessarily the dull blade.

There are two different ways to sharpen your knife

  1. Via the use of sharpening stone
  2. Via the use of Honing Rod.

The materials needed to get it done perfectly well are whetstone, ceramic stone or diamond stone, lubricating oil, piece of paper and hony rod. You can either do the job yourself or seek professional assistance.

From the first method, you firstly choose carefully the stone to use and get one of at least 2 ×6 inches to make the work easier. Lubricate your sharpening stone with water or lubricants such as sharpening or machine oil. Before proceeding, you need to identify the rough grind angle or the bevel angle of the blade which is mostly of 25 to 30 degrees in most pocket knives bevel edge. Thereafter, place the knife at the proper angle against the stone and grind off the end of the stone(repeat about 12 times). Do likewise for the other side of the blade and then check if the work is desirably done.

From the second method, which is a cool method to hone the edges of pocket knives, it is observed that your pocket knives are made better. It can also be called sharpening steel.  Peradventure you don’t have one, get one as fast as possible. For safety’s sake, find the perfect position for the rod on the knife by placing it on the appropriate bevel angle which is 25 to 30-degree angle. Thereafter, grind off slowly of both sides as many times as possible and then check if the work is desirably done.

How to Clean A Pocket Knife

No one will be so interested or keen when working using a dirty and dull object unnecessarily. Pocket knives are wonderfully made. You might want to keep them decently as you have got them (clean and sharp).How exactly? For cleaning, you will be in need of items such as a small brush, toothpick, Q–tips, lubricants like mineral oil, sewing machine oil or gun oil, mild soap and warm water, and paper towels. Diligently open it up using the toothpick and put out the gunk and lint in the handle. Rinse scrub using warm water, a drop of soap and toothbrush and flush out the gunk in the handle. Clean each of the tools one by one. Use the Q–tips to wipe clean the inside and finally dry it with a towel. After drying it up, use lubricants sparingly on the concerned parts(the moving parts) and then wipe the excess oil with paper towels. You pocket knives then stay as clean as new.

Where can you buy a Pocket Knife?

If you seek the best place you can buy your pocket knife without unnecessary difficulties, you then compulsorily need to go through Amazon where you obviously see the price tag placed on each sellable product at affordable prices and some incredibly on discount. It’s a place you get to about products and reviews on them from customers who had gone through and probably used their products.

How Big Can A Pocket Knife Be?

Even though pocket knives are specifically made for man’s pocket which implies that they can be carried around from one place to another, there is size according to the law it is meant to be taken across places. Knife laws are seen in two distinctive ways: ownership and carry laws. Ownership laws restrict an individual from being in the possession of some kinds of knives which is deduced to be a dangerous and deadly weapon. Carry laws, on the other hand, forbids an individual from carrying, concealing certain knives. Consequently, the only knife permitted to be carried around is one only for utility use which is less than 3 to 2.5 inches.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, when you know where you are heading to, your journey will be fast and smooth. Hopefully, this article has provided every possible need for your hunger to know the best pocket knives under $30. Convincingly, you stress of making unnecessary efforts to get the best of what you desire has been minimized to some extent. As a matter of fact, getting the best product will keep you under the comfortable situation and off the uncomfortable umbrella of seeking for might bring blame and regrets. You must know what you what and vehemently go for what you desire.

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