Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215: Which Vacuum Sealer is Better?

One thing that annoys most households is wasted food. It’s bad for the environment as much as it is for your budget. This applies to restaurants too. Vacuum sealing is one of the most practical ways to extend the lifespan of your food while saving you money. Vacuum sealing food can also preserve flavors and provide additional safety. You can use it for marinating food or cooking styles such as sous-vide. VacMaster has a range of vacuum sealing machines that provide a number of benefits. Today we will be looking at the VacMaster VP210 vs VP215. We will highlight the key features of both the machines and go over some of their pros and cons.

You will be able to see all in the information and specifics in a handy comparison chart. But, before that, let’s go discuss how the VP210 and the VP215 are similar. You can use the VP210 and the VP215 for a range of sealing including meats, beans, flour, soups, marinades, stews, and more. They function equally well on dry foods as they do liquids. The vacuum seal provides a double seal on each bag used. This ensures a tight seal where do air can get in. Food stays fresher for up to five times longer.

Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215

The VP210 and the VP215 have modern technology that sucks the air out of the entire chamber, rather than just the bag. This maintains the same air pressure inside and outside of the bag. This keeps liquids inside the bag. Once the bag is sealed, the chamber refills with air.

Both of these VacMaster vacuum sealing have adjustable settings. You can set the amount of vacuum time, sealing time and cool downtime. Adjusting the settings allows you to vacuum more fragile foods like potato chips, bread, and cakes.

They come in a range of bags. VacMaster only uses BPA free bags and they are FDA approved for your health and safety.

Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215

Vacmaster VP210

VacMaster VP210

  • Size: 24 x 19 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 83lbs
  • Technology: Air removal from suction chamber, dry pump-maintenance free
  • Double Seal: Yes
  • Food Freshness: Lasts up to 5x longer
  • Level of Vacuum: 27-29 hg
  • Settings: Adjustable vacuum time, seal time and cooling time
  • Extras: 75 assorted bags
  • Warranty: /
Vacmaster VP215

VacMaster VP215

  • Size: 20 x 14 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 84lbs
  • Technology: Air removal from suction chamber, 1/4hp oil pump
  • Double Seal: Yes
  • Food Freshness: Lasts up to 5x longer
  • Level of Vacuum: 27-29 hg
  • Settings: Adjustable vacuum time, seal time and cooling time
  • Extras: 75 assorted bags, 1 roll of Teflon seal tape, 1 roll of double-sided seal tape, 2 trays, wrench, screwdriver
  • Warranty: 1-year

There are a few differences between the VP210 and the VP215, which we will look at now.

Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215: Appearance

Vacmaster VP215 review

If you are imagining a small countertop sealer you may be surprised. These vacuum sealers are much larger as they are vacuum chambers. They don’t look very different; they are silver/grey with a blue control panel on the front.

VacMaster VP210

It comes with a flat, see-through (but not transparent) lid. The flat lid makes it easier for storing as it takes up less space. It is 24 x 19 x 19 inches and weighs 83 pounds.

VacMaster VP215

The lid is also see-through (but brown). It is raised, which might cause some storage issues. That being said, the machine is smaller at 20 x 14 x 15 inches. It weighs 84 pounds.

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The Winner Is- The VP210

Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215: Functions

Vacmaster VP210 comparison

As we mentioned, both vacuum sealers have adjustable settings. There are a couple of other things that are different.

VacMaster VP210

It is a dry pump machine, which means it requires no maintenance. It also has a last programmed setting to say you a little time.

VacMaster VP215

This has a ¼ horsepower oil pump. It allows for continuous running without needing a cool-down period.

The Winner Is- A tie

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Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215: Extras

Most vacuum sealers come with some bags to get you started. It’s also useful if these bags have various capacities.

VacMaster VP210

In total there are 75 bags. 25 are 6 x 12 inches for individual meals, 25 are 8 x 12 inches and 25 are 12 x 13 inches, large enough for a whole chicken. It doesn’t state if there are any other accessories but it is safe to assume it would come with the sealing roll tape.

VacMaster VP215

It comes with the same number and sized bags. It also comes with an 11-inch Teflon tape roll, a double-sided tape roll (in case needed), 2 trays, a wrench, and a screwdriver.

The Winner Is – The VP215

Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215: Value for money

Vacmaster VP210 review

VacMaster Vacuum chambers are made from high-quality, durable materials so expect to pay more than average.

VacMaster VP210

Even considering this is a VacMaster it is rather expensive. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the warranty.

VacMaster VP215

While still expensive, it is considerably cheaper than the VP210. It also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

The Winner Is- The VP215

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Pros and Cons

Before we deliver the final verdict, here are some pros and cons for the two VacMaster Chamber Vacuum Sealers:

VacMaster VP210


  • It is easy to set up and adjust the settings
  • It works incredibly well, hundreds of bags sealed without one issue
  • Ideal if you like preparing sous-vide and can even be used to seal important documents


  • It won’t seal bags bigger than the 12” x 13” bags provided

VacMaster VP215


  • The customer service for this model is excellent, knowledgable and provides useful tips
  • It’s the superior model for industrial use
  • The sealer works perfectly every time and it’s quiet to use.


  • You will need to look after the oil pump

The Final Verdict

There was no doubt in our minds that the VP215 is the overall winner. It terms of size and weight there isn’t much difference and both have the same suction technology.

Both vacuum chambers provide an incredibly strong, long-lasting seal on any type of food and there are no issues with liquids like many vacuum sealers.

The VP215 has the advantage of continuous running. In some cases, you might be able to vacuum seal for 10 to 25 minutes and then have to wait for the machine to cool down. With the VP215 you can just keep going, so it’s great for home use and restaurants.

While we aren’t sure about the warranty and the extras with the VP210, it would be nice if VacMaster could provide more information to help it’s customers make a decision. Regardless of this, the VP215 does come with a lot of extras, a warranty, and it is significantly cheaper.


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  1. Hello. I’m wondering why you guys haven’t looked at the vp220 and vp230? They appear to be the newer models. I can’t find a review anywhere on these two machines. I’d really like to know what the differences are.

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