Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS: Which One To Buy?

Everybody wants to be healthy. A good diet is a big part of that. Food processors are a big part of a good diet. At least that is what we are convinced by the industry.  We are going to take a look at two pureblooded specimens of that mighty juicer nutrition systems.

Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS

They are Omega J8008C vs Omega J8006HDS. Both come from the same manufacturer, which is specialized in Juicer making. The key feature in both of the tested machines is low speed juicing. In high-speed centrifugal juicers, as the name says there is a lot of speed which combined with friction emits a lot of heat. That alters the taste and speeds up the oxidation process. In low-speed juicers that are avoided, the product is much richer in nutrients and can last up to 72 hours in the fridge.

Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS

Omega J8008C
Omega J8006HDS Review
Omega 8006HDS
Juicer typelow speed ( 80 RPM)low speed ( 80 RPM)
Power200 Watts (2HP)200 Watts (2HP)
Weight20 pounds20 pounds
Date released20132018
Warranty15 Years ( USA and Canada)15 Years ( USA and Canada)
Price Check J8008C's Price On Amazon Check J8006HDS's Price On Amazon

They are both powerful machines that can squeeze juice from almost everything. They can also make nuts into butter, make baby food etc. Very convenient to have around. And probably a money saver in the long run. There is no need to explain how much better homemade juices are, and also how cheaper than the supermarket counterparts.J8008C made its debut in 2013, while J8006HDS was introduced in 2018.  The J8006HDS has five years of technological improvements on its side, so this is hardly going to be a fair fight. Two models look almost the same, and the tech specifications are the same. Hopefully, the manufacturer kept all of the good things from the old model and improved on the bad. We will see.

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Because they are marketed as Nutrition Centers they are going to be compared on the following fields:

  1. Versatility, (baby food, citrus juice, fruit juice, leafy greens juice, nut butter, nut milk, pasta, vegetable juice, wheatgrass juice)
  2. Efficiency,
  3. Build quality,
  4. Accessories,


Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS: Versatility

Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS Versatility Comparison

Baby food


Thanks to a powerful motor, and slow speed auger it can make baby food of much better quality and lower price than you will find in any supermarket. Slow speed is the key because the ingredients are not heated and they don’t oxidize. The end product can last up to 72 hours in the fridge.

Baby Food Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS

J8006 HDS

The motor in this appliance works at the same speed as J8008C, so the result will again be perfectly made and healthy baby food. It is always recommended that babies eat freshly made baby food.

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Citrus Juice


Although the manufacturer claims that this model can squeeze orange juice as effectively as dedicated citrus juicer can, the bottom line is that the main advantage of slow speed horizontal juicers is hard fruit and green leafy vegetable juice extraction. Users say that some hard fruit or vegetable is often needed in the mix in order to push the watery fruits through.

Citrus Juice Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS


Not much different here.  Very powerful motor and auger are designed to juice hard fruit and vegetables, the results with citrus watery fruits are not that impressive. Although hard, meaty grapes give excellent juice. Just put them in with grape seeds in them. Much healthier.

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Fruit juice


You will probably be satisfied if you are planning on juicing hard fruits, apples, pears etc. There are some customer’s complaints that this doesn’t go as smoothly as expected.  The slippery fruit doesn’t pass the cone, creating a buildup and excessive pressure. The end result is a cracked screen.

Fruit Juice Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS

J8006 HDS

This is a newer and improved model. The auger is 8x stronger, so the result is better. More juice and less pulp, and the pulp contain less moisture.

Leafy greens juice


This is where Omega juicer is supposed to do best. You can make any combination you can imagine. But, it is not recommendable to leave juicer unattended. Even with green leafy buildup is possible, thus cracking the screen. If you see the buildup happening, switch the direction of the rotation. When the buildup is cleared, change the rotation to normal.

Leafy greens juice Omega J8006HDS vs J8008C


Like its older cousin, it is excellent at green juice extraction. Improved auger and screen help it achieve somewhat better results and less jamming. It is recommended that you mix in some hard vegetable or fruit.

Nut butter


You will love this function. You can make all natural, 100 % pure peanut butter.  It probably won’t have the same consistency as one from the supermarket, but that one has other oils added to make it smoother. So, homemade is much healthier. Hazelnut, pistachio, absolutely every kind of nuts can be made into butter.

Nut Butter Omega J8006HDS vs J8008C


Since the power of the motor is the same, it too can make excellent nutty butter. You won’t believe how tasty walnut butter is. Just mix it up with some cocoa, you will never wish for a Nutella again.

Nut milk


Similar to making nut butter, but you will need to mix pure water with nuts. Then poring them with a ladle into the Omega juicer. Recipes may vary, but the average is 1 cup of nuts with one 3 cups of water.

Nut Milk Omega J8006HDS vs J8008C


The process is exactly the same, the results also. Maybe it is worth saying that vertical slow speed juicers from Omega showed better results in nut milk making. It is mostly due to their layout, so the water stays longer in the juicer and washes away the fats off the nuts. More fats washed away and mixed with water, the thicker and better milk is.



Pasta extruding is pretty easy and straightforward. Make or buy your dough, choose pasta nozzle you want, and start feeding the dough into the machine

Pasta Omega J8006HDS vs J8008C


Same process as with J8008C.  The dough for pasta needs to be firm. There are some recipes on the Omega official web page, but you will probably find much more recipes online.

Vegetable juice


Again, as with fruits, Omega slow speed juicers are best with hard, firm vegetables. So what would likely happen if you put tomatoes alone is that it will just spin inside the machine, and more soft veggies you put in would just create a buildup, and nothing would come out. So some hard vegetable with fibers is needed to push through the pulp.

Vegetable Juice Omega J8006HDS vs J8008C


Not much difference here. Same precautions and the same procedure should be followed. If you insist on soft, watery vegetables and buildup happens- reverse the rotation until it clears up a little, then continue with standard rotation.

Wheatgrass juice


One of the biggest selling points of Omega Juicers, immensely popular healthy beverage.  Omega praises that they make it best. While that is quite possible, what is certain is that you will be hearing a lot of squeaking noises. That is normal with every juicer from every manufacturer. Wheatgrass makes that kind of noise when juicing.

Wheatgrass juice Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS


The newer and upgraded Juicer auger enables it to be more efficient. Important to know is you need to put a lot of wheatgrass in order to juice to start flowing. Then the juice will flow even though the pulp chute, but that will quickly stop. When enough produce is feed into the machine, the juice will run through the juicing nozzle, and the very dry pulp will come out of the pulp chute.

Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS: Efficiency


When first launched in 2013. It brought a rise in efficiency compared to older models. The adjustable end cap has 5-settings for maximum juice output and extraction. Enjoy continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection But it is now replaced with a newer model, and while still able to squeeze nice quantities of juice, it loses to a younger cousin.


Launched in 2018 it quickly rose to the top end of the sales charts. Some were due to the older brothers fame end the powerful engine that they share. But it was mostly because of the new auger design which is more durable and efficient. The test clearly shows that it can squeeze more juice. Has extra-large feed tray. So the win in this category goes clearly to J8006HDS.

Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS: Build quality


Omega J8008C Comparison

There was quite a number of issues with this model. Most of the complaints, if not all of them, were about plastic screen breakage and auger chipping. Omega said this was a known issue in the 8008 but they did a recall and corrected the issue. Some say that problems are due to the fact that the model in question is built in China. The manufacturer says that all of its models are built in S. Korea, but some customers stated that the writing on the box was “Made in China”. Another problem was spare parts. Although you get a 15 Year warranty there is not much use from it if there is a shortage of spare parts. Augers and plastic screens. Many users claimed that they have been waiting months even for the spare parts. And because this model is slowly pulled out of production and replaced with a new one, the shortages might be even worse.


Big step up in build quality for the company.  Powerful and reliable motor, same as the 8008, was placed and the auger and screen were completely upgraded. The company claims that the auger is now eight times stronger, so the main reason for complaints is gone, and you still have amazing juicing capabilities. Sound like a win-win. The model is still new on the market, so it remains to be seen how it will do. But it is highly unlikely for the company to make the same mistake again. So the win goes clearly to the new J8006HDS.

Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS: Accessories


In the packaging, you will receive 1 juice cone, 1 homogenizing cone, 5 nozzles, 1 juice bowl (plastic) and 1 pulp bowl (plastic)

J8006 HDS

In the packaging, you will find 1 juice cone, 1 homogenizing cone, 5 nozzles, 1 juice bowl (plastic), 1 pulp bowl (plastic) and 1 Strainer/Sieve. This model is a little better equipped because in the packaging you will find one item more

Final Recount

Out of 12 categories, 7 were a tie, and J8006HDS won by a small difference in two and clearly in three categories.

Omega J8008C vs J8006HDS Final Recount

The categories that J8006HDS won clearly were Accessories, Efficiency and the Build Quality. And when you are paying that much money, they are the most important. The all-around win goes to J8006HDS. No surprise there.  As someone once said – New is always better.

With new J8006HDS you get high-efficiency juicer perfected for years by a renowned manufacturer, mistakes from previous models corrected and a 15 years warranty. Because the prices with many retailers are practically the same, there is no dilemma. All the recommendations go to J8006HDS.

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