NutriBullet  vs. NutriBullet Pro: Which One Is Better?

In this article, we are going to compare nutribullet vs. nutribullet pro. Both products are very known for food processing, and their functions may be similar. But let us take a look if which product can work best for us and help us with our healthy eating goal.

NutriBullet vs NutriBullet Pro

To keep up with our healthy eating agenda, we need to consume a certain amount of fruits and veggies to be able to meet the right amount of nutrients. But there could be a lot of them to chew and consume. The best way to take them on time is to break them and drink. This is when we need the help of nutribullet. Let us take a look at these two products and see which is appropriate: from its physical appearance, materials it made of, and its technical function.

NutriBullet  vs. NutriBullet Pro Comparison Table

NutriBullet Pro Review
NutriBullet Pro
Material TypePolycarbonateAluminum
Item Dimension12.87 x 9 x 13 inches11.81 x 6.92 x 13.98 inches
Motor600 watts900 watts
WarrantyOne year90 Days
Price Check NutriBullet's Price On Amazon Check NutriBullet Pro's Price On Amazon

Material type: NutriBullet vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Comparison

The material type will help us know if the item is durable. If it is made of a particular material, it can be assumed that the item is indeed strong.


The NutriBullet is made of polycarbonate materials. The polycarbonate is said to be ten times more solid than glass or plastic. It also looks sturdy and durable. One characteristic of polycarbonate material is its high resistance to impact. So no matter how many times you use this product, you can assure it to be stable and durable.

NutriBullet Pro

The NutriBullet Pro is made of aluminum. We can see a lot of equipment made of this material, and we can say they are also durable and reliable. However, considering the impact, aluminum can be dent easily. Also, it may not be resistant to heat.

Winner: NutriBullet

The material is just right for prolonged use. Unlike the Nutribullet Pro, NutriBullet can be trusted with durability because its material is likely to last long.

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Item dimension: NutriBullet vs NutriBullet Pro


The dimension of the product would help us plan where to put or keep the item when we are not using it. It can be a lot of work if we put it back in the box and remove every time we need to use it. So knowing the dimension could be a way to know, which part of the kitchen or wall cabinet we can fit the item.


The NutriBullet has a measurement of 12.87 x 9 x 13 inches. It looks wider but shorter. It can be a good fit for small-squared cabinet in your kitchen.

NutriBullet Pro

Nutribullet Pro has 11.81 x 6.92 x 13.98 inches in dimension. It has a slimmer look that would fit perfectly in a rectangular container or box.

Winner: Tie

Depends on the preference of the user, either can be easily kept in any kitchen cabinets. There will be no hassle in keeping it away when not in use.


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Motor: NutriBullet vs. NutriBullet Pro

The product motor will determine its performance. Since the items are purposely made to cut fruits and veggies into smaller pieces and transform it to become smoothie or shake in minutes or seconds. So it is essential to determine the performance of the item base on its motor.

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The NBR-12-01 has a high revolution power-based and 600 watts motor performance. The speed of its rotation will make the preparation quicker. So the moment you need or want to drink healthy smoothies, the item will provide you with fast food preparation.

NutriBullet Pro

Nurtibullet Pro is powerful in its 900-watt motor performance. It can provide you with pulverized fruits and veggies quickly. With its fast rotation, the even the toughest food can be made into tiny pieces and turn into a smoothie in a flash.

Winner: NutriBullet Pro

In terms of the fast-breaking of food, Nutribullet Pro is remarkable. The 900-watt motor will help in preparing your shake or smoothie quickly. It can also be useful when you get a surprise visit from friends and have nothing to serve. The equipment will help you do a quick preparation.

Package Inclusion: NutriBullet vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Pro Review

Nutribullet comes with some freebies in the package. It is necessary for us to weigh which of the two can provide us with more inclusions. This is for us to know if we need to buy something else when we use the item.


The NutriBullet includes power base, one tall cup, two short cups, two blades to cut the food, two re-sealable lids that you can use whenever you want to drink them later, pocket nutritionist as a guide, and manual with recipes that you can follow. All in all, you will get ten items in a box.

NutriBullet Pro

The Nutribullet Pro includes power base, one emulsifying blade to cut the food, one colossal cup, one tall cup, one flip-top lid, one handled lip ring, one comfort lip rings, pocket nutritionist, recipe book and user manual. So in the box, you’ll have ten items.

Winner: NutriBullet

Both items have similar inclusion items of 10, but the NutriBullet stand out because it has two blades in the package, the flat and emulsifying blade. It also has three cups free while the Nutribullet Pro has only 2 cups.


Warranty: NutriBullet vs. NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Pro Refurbished

The warranty of the product will provide you with the confidence that you will get support from the manufacturer in case the item encounter problems and malfunction.



NutriBullet has a one year warranty. So you can guarantee a free repair or replacement, whichever is applicable, for the whole year of use.

NutriBullet Pro

The Nurtibullet Pro will provide you with 90 days warranty. So you are guaranteed with support whenever it gets busted on the first 90 days of using the product. You can get a free repair or a replacement whichever is applicable.

Winner: NutriBullet 

The 1-year warranty is a plus when you are considering a long period of coverage. It will give you the peace of mind that your first year will be covered.

Final Recount:

NutriBullet: 4/5

NutriBullet Pro: 2/5

Pros and Cons

The use of nutribullet will provide you with the convenience of preparing for smoothies or fruit shake. It can also be a big help on consuming a high amount of nutrients one time because you can mix the recommended veggies and fruits and come up with new food to consume. You can also prepare the fruits shakes and smoothies and put them on your fridge for later consumption. The use of this item may require extra care because it has a sharp blade and a fast rotating motor. You need to have a presence of mind in using it.

Final Verdict

After considering a few features of the products, the NutriBullet stands out. It can provide us with a good performance and give us a nicely pulverized food. And if you are more concern about inclusion and warranty, Nutribullet is a good choice.


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