Hamilton Beach 33967 vs 33969 – Which One To Buy?

Slow cookers have been around for decades. They have managed to become irreplaceable members of many households. They allow us to put in the ingredients, leave it to cook, go to work, sleep, to church or out for coffee, and the food will wait for you, ready and hot.

Over the years of mass use and production, they have proven them self’s as simple, reliable, inexpensive kitchen appliances.

Hamilton Beach 33967 vs 33969

The manufacturers are always trying to make things less simple, reliable and inexpensive.  So often they equip otherwise pretty simple and straightforward appliances with many functions that increase the price, but impact the simplicity and thus the reliability.

The appliances that we have here are in the middle of the range, they could be called Goldilocks of the slow cookers. Not too basic, but also not too high tech. Both sized at 6 qt. Enough for a big chicken, or a big piece of meat.

They are Hamilton Beach 33967 vs 33969. First of all, a little clarification is needed. There are also 33967 and 33969, both without an A in the name. The company says that 33967 and 33967A are basically the same…just different release dates. The 33967 began a release date in 2007 and the 33967A has a release date of 2013. Same is with 33969 and 33969A.

Hamilton Beach 33967 vs 33969

 Hamilton Beach 33967
Hamilton Beach 33967
Hamilton Beach 33969
Hamilton Beach 33969
Product Dimensions16 x 10.4 x 16.1 in16 x 10,2 x 16.1 in
Item Weight15,5 pounds14.3 pounds
Cooking modes33
Power275 Watt275 Watt
Warranty1 year1 year
Price Check 33967's Price On Amazon Check 33969's Price On Amazon

Back to the matter.  Hamilton Beach has done some upgrades compared to regular slow cookers. Now, thanks to the digital interface you can select between three cooking programs, adjust the temperature for cooking, and monitor the process with a little bit of help from the temperature probe that you can stick in larger pieces of meat.

They will be evaluated in four categories: design and size, performance, and build quality.


  1. Hamilton Beach 33967 vs 33969 – Design and size

33967 Design and size

 outer dimensions are16 x 10.4 x 16.1 in. it is oval shaped, with a stainless steel finish, and a nice LED display. Overall, the appearance is satisfying. It will look nice in your kitchen. With the capacity of the inner pot of 6qt. it will be quite adequate for one family. Noticeable on the outside is the lid clips, which when secured can be of great help when carrying the appliance to some other location- picnic, celebration… The handles are large, with enough clearance that you may get a good grip, with the entire fingers.

Hamilton Beach 33969a

Hamilton Beach 33969

33969 Design and size

outer dimensions 16 x 10, 2 x 16.1 inches. Also oval-shaped, the capacity of the inner pot is also 6 qt. A six-pound chicken will fit right in. The design is very similar, almost the same. Stainless steel finish, LED display…the only noticeable difference is the handles. Unlike on the 33967, when the lid clips are on the lid, fingers can’t go through. You have to hold on sometimes very heavy appliance with just your fingertips. Yes, you can hold it from downside, but it can be quite hot, so you will need a cloth or gloves, which can be slippery. …. Some may think that it can be a potentially dangerous situation.

The winner is 33967 because they may look the same,
but the handles are much better and safer on this model.

  1. Hamilton Beach 33967 vs 33969 – Performance

33967 Performance

Offers three modes of cooking: probe, program, and manual.

The probe is the patented cooking mode where you have a temperature probe that you can place in a large piece of meat, set wanted temperature, and when a temperature reaches a certain level, it automatically shifts to Warm.  It is strongly advised to read the instruction manual with average cooking times. They are shorter than in normal slow cookers. It was not uncommon that people find their food overcooked when returning home. When temperature shifts to Warm, sometimes it can be too hot for some types of food, and if you leave it to long on the warm setting, the food will be overdone or dried out.

So, reading the manual and some experimenting, in the beginning, is advised.

Program.  This mode enables you to select the heat setting and cooking time. After the cooking time is up, it shifts automatically to Warm.

Manual. This setting allows you to slow cook on High, Low or Warm heat settings, just like a traditional slow cooker, without setting the time. If you are home and can monitor the cooking process, this way of cooking is recommended.

33969 Performance

Hamilton Beach 33969 Programe

It also enables you to choose between three modes of cooking: probe, program, and manual. Since there are no differences in the size, shape, or power, it basically produces the same result.

Probe enables you to monitor the temperature of large pieces of meat, and shifts to Warm when the temperature is reached. The probe is not very long. So if you have smaller pieces of meat, some jiggling around will be needed in order to place the meat in the position so that the probe can reach its center.

Program. As in 33967, you can choose cooking time and temperature. Again, it is advised to read average cooking times from the manual.

Manual. The best way of cooking if you are somewhere around the appliance and can monitor the process.

Winner. It’s a tie.

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  1. Hamilton Beach 33967 vs 33969 – Build quality

33967 Build Quality

Hamilton Beach 33967a

The aluminum shelling may feel a little flimsy some times. There were some complaints about glass lid shattering and cracking. But that may be contributed to the fact that not everyone is careful about not turning on the slow cooker right after they have taken it out of the fridge. Or placing a hot lid in the dishwasher. The dishwasher starts the cycle with cold water. The temperature shock cracks the glass. Other complaints were about the Led display. In some cases, it starts to bubble and peel.


33969 Build Quality

Not much different complaints here, which is no wonder since they are almost the same.  Glass lid shattering, flimsy aluminum and Led display bubbling and peeling off trouble owners of this model too.  Problems with the glass lid may be caused by the fact that clips apply large pressure on them, thus weakening the lid. With Led display problem might be due to the fact that a lot of owners who complained use it on high temperatures and the Led display can’t handle it.

Winer isTie again.


Because the two models are very similar they share the same good and bad qualities.

Good: Easy to make good quality homemade meals, convenience, not too expensive. The possibility of programming cooking modes. Patented temperature probe.

Bad: Sometimes bad craftsmanship, problems with the glass lid and Led display.

Out of three challenges, two where a tie and one goes to 33967, so the overall winner is 33967, and also our recommendation for purchase.

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