Foodsaver V4440 VS Foodsaver V4840: Which One To Buy?

In this article, we are going to compare Foodsaver v4440 vs v4840. The food savers are made to help every household in preserving their food. Let us see which of the two work best for us. The two products are 2-in-1 equipment because of their vacuuming and sealing feature. However, there can be a slight difference between the V4440 vs V4840. That’s what we are going to find out shortly.

foodsaver v4440 vs 4840

Every household has struggled with saving food. They make sure to preserve uncooked meat, leftovers, and other foods so they can use or consume them later. While they try hard to keep them fresh, there are instances wherein they become useless because of molds and other bacteria. Fortunately, the technology for this kind of stuff has evolved and come up with a suitable food saver device. While there are lots of them available online, we will dig into the details and check which one suits us best.

Foodsaver v4440 vs v4840

FeaturesFood Saver V4440Food Saver V4440Food Saver V4840Food Saver V4840
11 x 20 x 1211 x 20 x 12
WeightItem: 10 lbs
Shipping: 10 lbs
Item: 10 lbs
Shipping: 12.25 lbs
Basic OperationVacuum and SealVacuum and Seal
AccessoryRetractable Handheld SealerRetractable Handheld Sealer
Sealer Roll Size8” and 11”8” and 11”
Sealer Roll StorageBuilt-inBuilt-in
Price Check V4440's Price On Amazon Check V4840's Price On Amazon

Dimension: Foodsaver v4440 vs 4840

We check the dimension for us to know if we have enough space for the equipment. Huge food sealer may consume more spaces and may be inconvenient for a small kitchen.

Food Saver V4440

The V4440 has a dimension of 11 x 20 x 12 inches. So whenever you get one, it will be convenient to place them anywhere in your kitchen as it is so handy. You don’t have to worry about reserving space in the kitchen area.

Food Saver V4440 Manual

Food Saver V4840

The model FSFSSL4840-000 V4840 is also convenient to place in a small kitchen with its dimension of 11 x 20 x 12 inches. The size is suitable, and there will be no hassle of it putting in your kitchen as it won’t consume a vast space.

Food Saver V4840 Manual

Winner: Tie

The two sealers have the same dimension or size. So whatever kitchen size you have, you would always find the products convenient in terms of space it can take. You can even keep it in a cabinet and get it whenever you need it to use it.

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Weight: Foodsaver 4840 vs V4440

The product’s weight will determine whether you can carry it by yourself or you will need the assistance of someone. This will also help you to estimate the shipping cost, in case you order one online because most of the items advertised have different item size from the actual or the gross weight for shipping.

Food Saver V4440

The item weight of V4440 is at 10 pounds or roughly 4.5 kg. It is very manageable to carry it by yourself in case you decide to store it in one place and take it to use in another place.

It also has the same shipping weight of 10 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about being charged an additional fee for the packaging and shipping.

Food Saver V4440 Review

Food Saver V4840

The V4840 also has 10 pounds in weight. So same as the first food saver product, you always feel the convenience of carrying it by yourself; however, the shipping size is 12.25 pound. Compare to V440 it has 2.25 pounds more in weight. Though some manufacturer won’t charge by weight and other sellers, offer free shipping on specific criteria like if you reach their allowable purchase allowance.

Food Saver V4840 Review

Winner: Food Saver V4440

The item and shipping weight of V4440 is consistent at 10 lbs compared to V4840. So if shipping weight matters to you, you should consider this or check out some seller that can offer you with lesser cost or charge no additional shipping fee.

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Basic Vacuum and Sealing Operation

The item has to be desirable in terms of the primary feature of vacuuming and sealing process. Food savers are bought for the purpose, and it has to be excellent in performing the main function. Unlike some food savers, you will need separate equipment for vacuuming and sealing. Checking on this feature will make sure that the product indeed will lock out air and moisture, and keep the food from spoilage and molds, keeping it fresh and flavorful once cooked.

Food Savers Comparison

Food Saver V4440

The food saver V4440 has a fully automatic operation. It has the exclusive technology that detects the bag once inserted, and create an excellent airtight vacuum seal. It perfectly vacuums all the air from the bag or food container and uses its heat to seal. The product also has a LED light indicator that will show and lead you through the process of vacuuming and sealing.

Food Saver V4840

The item also has an auto operation that would sense the bag, giving you the convenience in vacuuming and sealing them. You only have to place the bag on the vacuum chamber and wait for it to be done, then it will release the bag perfectly sealed. It also has the LED light indicator that tells you when it’s completed with the vacuuming and sealing process.

Winner: Tie

Both items have an excellent feature of the automatic operation of vacuuming and sealing. And if you don’t have the luxury of time to vacuum and seal, then the products will give you the benefit.

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Accessories: Hand-held Sealer, Compatible Sealer Roll Sizes, and Storage

The accessories will tell you if you need to buy another item for other function and its compatible accessories will determine what you need to purchase an additional attachment for the equipment and help it fully functional.

Food Saver V4440

The V4440 comes with Retractable Handheld Sealer that is good for vacuuming containers such as zip-locked bags, canisters, and containers. Your food is safe in the jar with Handheld Sealer. You will have the convenience of preparing food ahead by keeping food in a zipped bag and vacuum. The V4440 also has built-in sealer storage, so you don’t have to cut the sealer roll by yourself if you need to use it. It is also compatible for sealer rolls with sizes 8- and 11 inches.

Food Saver V4440

Food Saver V4840

It is fortunate to know that V4840 come with Retractable Handheld Sealer also. So there would be no problem preserving the fresh harvest and place it in a container.

Same as V4440, it works fine with the different type of containers. It also has built-in sealer storage that is compatible with 8- and 11 inches sealer roll.

Food Saver V4840

Winner: Tie

The Food Saver V4440 and V4840 have the handheld Sealer. So there would be no problem if you need to prepare food ahead and wanted to store it for later consumption. It will be good if you are making the school for good for a week. You can seal them and keep them in the fridge. The convenience of having built-in sealer storage is also a good thing. And they both can fit 8 inches and 11 inches sealer roll.

Final Recount:

Food Saver V4440: 4/4

Food Saver V4840: 3/4

 Foodsaver v4440 vs 4840 Pros and Cons

The Food Saver is one way of keeping your food fresh. You can benefit from it in many ways like getting the same taste just like its freshness. You will get the same flavorful taste. It also gives you the convenience of preparing food for school or work ahead. You can even make meals enough for a week and still get the same taste of the food. The food Saver, as the name suggests, will save your foods and keep it from spoilage and molds, as well as freezer burn.

Final Verdict:

The two products we compared have the same individual features and provide you with the same convenience and benefits, only that it differs in shipping weight. If sellers you choose to buy the items from is particular with charging additional cost base on the shipping weight, then it is desirable to get the model V4440. So in foodsaver 4840 vs V4440, we could say V4440 is the most suitable product.

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