Rowenta IS6200 vs IS6300: Which Steamer is Better?

We are going to take a look at these two Rowenta Steamers, Rowenta is6200 vs is6300. Owning a steamer is perfect for those who not only need to get the creases out of fabrics but also for those who like to sanitize curtains, sofas, and even pet beds.

Here we can see the specifics of each before we go into more detail.

Rowenta IS6200 vs IS6300

Rowenta IS6200

Rowenta IS6200

  • Size/Weight: 15.8 x 12.8 x 16.8 inches / 14.45 pounds
  • Power: 1500w
  • Water tank: 81oz
  • Tilt and roll: Yes
  • Hangers and clips: Yes
Rowenta IS6300

Rowenta IS6300

  • Size/Weight: 19.5 x 12 x 16.9 inches / 16.2 pounds
  • Power: 1550w
  • Water tank: 81oz
  • Tilt and roll: Yes
  • Hangers and clips: Yes

As well as the aspects mentioned above we will also compare the extra attachments that come with each streamer. If you have no idea about steamers, not to worry, you will soon understand all the about them and in particular the IS6200 and the IS6300.

Rowenta IS6200 vs IS6300: Appearance

When choosing a steamer you are going to want to think carefully here. Have you got the space to be able to store you steamer away, if not, are you happy enough with the appearance to leave it on display. Can you collapse the handle so you can fit it into a cupboard or corner space?

Rowenta IS6200 review

Rowenta IS6200

The dimensions of the IS2600 are 15.8 x 12.8 x 16.8 inches and the machine (not when filled with water) weighs 14.45 pounds. The weight isn’t really an issue because the base of the steamer is fitted with a tilt and roll system so you don’t have to carry it. The telescopic pole is adjustable but bears in mind that the hanger is built in so you will need to allow for this in your storage area. It is quite an attractive black and blue model.

Rowenta IS6300

This product is slightly larger at 419.5 x 12 x 16.9 inches and weighing 16.2 pounds. Again, the tilt and roll system means you won’t need to carry it around, just wheel it along like a suitcase. Similarly to the IS6200, the telescopic pole is adjustable and the hanger is also built in. This machine is brown.

The winner is – The IS6200

Rowenta IS6200 vs IS6300: Power

The average power for a clothes steamer is between 1300w and 1500w. You will also need to think about the power that is exerted from the steam head. Some steamers have a steam power of 20g/ min while others can produce 30g/min. Steamers can also vary in their heat up time, anywhere from 45 seconds to 15 minutes.

Rowenta IS6300 functions


You will have 1500w of power with this steamer, which is great. Being at the higher end of the scale you know it will be easier to remove wrinkles. The steam power produced is 30g/min and the machine heats up within 60 seconds.


If you choose the IS6300, you will have 1550w, now above the average. It goes without saying that the more power, the easier your work will be. As with the IS2600, it has a 30g/min steam power and it will be ready to use in 60 seconds.

The winner is- The IS6300

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Rowenta IS6200 vs IS6300: The Water Tank

Rowenta IS6300 water tank

Most clothes steamers will have about 50oz removable water tank so you can simply put it under the tap to fill it up. Something to consider when looking at the water tank, the more water you have in the steamer, the longer you will be able to use.



The 81oz water tank is transparent, allowing you to see when the amount is getting low. You can remove it if this is your preferred method to refill it. With such a large tank you are able to continuously steam for up to 1 hour.


In this case, there is no difference in the water tank or the amount of time you can steam for.

The winner is – Tie

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Rowenta IS6200 vs IS6300: Using The Clothes Steamer

People choose steamers over irons because of their convenient use. They can be used with one hand and you have much ability to move around. They remove creases faster and can kill more bacteria. Hangers and clips allow you to hang a variety of clothes.

Rowenta IS6300 comparison


The on/off control is on the base of the steamer so you can use your foot to turn it on and off. It comes with a 2m cable, therefore, you will be able to move around with it. The hanger is built-in, you can use it to hang shirts or jackets and the clips are there for smaller clothes.


The on/off control is also on the base and the cable is 2m long as well. While the IS6300 has a built-in hanger with clips, it also has a roll down press support. This is a fantastic advantage to keeping your clothes in place.

The winner is – The IS6300


Rowenta IS6200 vs IS6300: Extras That Come With The Steamer

Rowenta IS6200 functions

Extra heads that come with a clothes steamer makes you feel like you are getting more value for money, it means your steamer has more than just one function and can be adapted to other fabrics or even tasks.


The box will include a fabric brush and a lint brush. What we love is that you will also get a crease tool attachment. One of the only downsides to using a streamer rather than an iron is that you can’t intentionally add creases. The IS6200 solves this problem.


The box will contain a fabric brush and a lint brush too. There is also a steam bonnet that you can use on delicate clothes.

The winner is- IS6200

Rowenta IS6200 vs IS6300 PROS and CONS

The listed pros and cons will help give you a clearer overview.

IS6200 PROS and CONS


  • Slightly smaller but still manages to keep the same size water tank
  • It is one of the more powerful steamers on the market
  • Comes with a crease tool
  • Has an auto shut-off function


  • The hanger doesn’t rotate


IS6300 PROS and CONS


  • More power than the average steamer
  • The roll and press support makes for easier steaming
  • The steam bonnet lets you steam delicate fabrics


  • The handle can get very hot


The Final Verdict

Both Rowenta Clothes steamers are really great quality products. We feel like the IS6200 is the winner due to its smaller size, almost equal power and the extra adjustments that you receive allow you to do more than just steam.

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