Miele Hyclean vs. Airclean: Which One To Buy?

The vacuum bags are the common products to clients looking for Miele products. Miele brand is popular, with the reputation of standing the test of times with some fitted lightweight to enhance their usability. Clients experience challenges of selecting the most suitable models for home use. To enable customers to make informed decisions when buying Miele vacuum bags, we would like to compare Miele Hyclean vs Airclean. In fact, Miele Hyclean exhibit similar capacity with the Airclean, especially the models fitted with FJM and GN, and those modeled with U size. Manufacturing of the two models is done using the same machinery; however, their major difference is with branding. Airclean is branded for the USA market whereas Hyclean for the EU market.

Miele HyVlean vs. AirClean

Miele Airclean vs. Hyclean:
The Criterion of Comparing and Making the Judgment

We are going compare and make the judgment about the suitability of Miele vacuum bags based on the similarities and differences in their features and aspects namely; weight, price, filters, performance and auto-seal collars on each brand. The features and aspects exhibited by each model serve different purposes enhancing efficiency in the usability of the vacuum bags. The weight of the vacuum bags determines the durability of the bags. Miele bags vary in weight, with the most durable bags being the heaviest. Such bags are manufactured with highly standardized materials that can last for long, and this determines their prices as well. The vacuum bags filters also determine the criteria for selecting Miele vacuum bags.

The HEPA filters enable in keeping the air in the family free of dust, pet dander particles, dirt, and allergens. Their effectiveness in meeting these purposes depends on the quality of filters in each model. Moreover, the auto-seal collars determine the efficiency of the vacuum bags and their capacity to prevent particulates from being released back after being captured into the air.

Customers of Miele vacuum bags make the selection of the products depending on these aspects and features. They also expect to find a wide array of vacuum bags models in the market. Miele is able to meet the customer demand for vacuum bags by manufacturing the products targeting their preferences. The quality of Miele vacuum bags is similar; however, they adjust the product features to minimize the prices of meeting customers’ demand for low priced vacuum bags.

Miele AirClean Filter vs HyClean Filter

Miele Hyclean Filter

Miele Hyclean provides the customers with a new filtration standard, including hygiene and safety and absorption of dust. The Hyclean provides exceptional cleaning due to specialized fleece consisting of 9 layers that enable absorption of small-sized dust particles. Additionally, exhaust air filters and motor protection forms part of the 12-stage Miele Hyclean filter system that enables clean exhaust air.

Miele Hyclean filter

Miele Hyclean Filter


Miele Hyclean has high and long-lasting performance compared to Airclean. These include fantastic filtration system with the efficiency that is stunning even when set at lowest power. Hyclean is thick micro-fiber, eco-friendly dust bags. Miele hyperclean consists of 3D micro and 5 layered filtration dust bags; with guidelines tailored to the model. Miele hyperclean is loaded with hygienic spring dust flap which prevents the spilling of dirt, and collar which is rubberized and fixed in place of after jolts and bumps.


Miele Airclean Filter

The Miele Airclean has a filter system with a genuine original dustbag, exhaust filters, and protection filter. The three levels of filtration in Airclean prevent the dust from escaping. After vacuuming, the room air is even cleaner and takes longer for the dust to resettle on the surfaces. Miele AirClean is fitted with a filtration system which offers an array of the filter cartridge; with an aspect of multi-layered and of high quality capturing dander, allergens, and dust.

AirClean filter

Miele Airclean Filter


The combination of hygienic filters and HyClean Filter Bags form advanced AirClean System with 12-stages that enable retention of 99.9% of all the particles of dust. Its design ensures the creation of a comfortable environment for the people who suffer from pest allergies and dust pollen.


HyClean Price vs AirClean Price

HyClean Price

Large Miele HyClean saves money and time since they have the volume of about 6 liters eliminating constant replacement of bags. Frequent replacement of bags is costly and therefore the price provided for the HyClean is worth the purpose of the product. Vacuuming is done at the lowest power level maximizing efficiency of the bag. The size of HyClean is denoted by the package dimensions of 9.2*8*7 inches which determines the pricing of the vacuum bag. The price of the Miele HyClean vacuum bag is also determined by the weight or the quality of material used to manufacture the product. Miele HyClean has a weight of 1.5 pounds, which is reasonable and favorable to the customers.

Miele HyClean is suitable for Classic C1 and Complete C2 and C3 models. The vacuum bag is enabled with high efficiency even at the lowest selection of power, including its long-lasting potential due to 3D technology.

AirClean Price

Miele AirClean has dimensions 9.2*6.5*6.7 inches which determine the price of the product. Also, the weight of the bag is relatively smaller compared to HyClean vacuum bags; that is, 1.2 pounds. The price of this product is determined by its size and the quality, implying that the most suitable vacuum bag in terms of pricing is HyClean. The Miele AirClean is fitted with New Soft Structure enabling the efficient operation of vacuum while using a set of lower suction. Miele AirClean is suitable for canister vacuum cleaners such as S6000 series, S4000 series, S500 series, S300 series, S200 series, Compact C2 and Compact C1 Canister Vacuums. These aspects determine its price.



Miele Hyclean bag

Miele Hyclean


Miele HyClean vacuum bags consist of multiple layers, which are fitted with a close or a self-closing trap designed for automatically sealing the bag on removal to ensure that disposal is hygienic.

This sealing system in the vacuum bag ensures complete and maximum retention of dust. The product has an automatic dust bag seal enabling hygienic dust bag replacement.



AirClean bag

Miele AirClean


The Miele AirClean vacuum bags have 3D efficiency dust bags which are fitted with self-locking, Auto-Seal collar. The Auto-seal keeps allergens and microscopic dust trapped safely inside.

The user does not have to worry about the released particulates, allergens and dust into the air, which can damage the lungs, during disposal. Miele AirClean Auto-Seal ensures the dust is securely sealed inside the dust bag.



Miele AirClean vs HyClean Pros and Cons

Miele Hyclean


  • It has a high volume and thus reduces the need for frequent replacement.
  • The Hyclean provides exceptional cleaning due to specialized fleece consisting of 9 layers that enable absorption of small-sized dust particles.
  • It has an Auto-Seal feature to ensure that particulates do not escape.


  • It weighs in at 1.5 pounds. It is slightly heavier than the Air Clean.
  • It is more expensive than the AirClean
  • It has one filter

Miele AirClean


  • It has two filters
  • It is cheaper than the Hyclean
  • It has an Auto-Seal feature to ensure that particulates do not escape.
  • It is efficient even at low power


  • It needs constant replacement.



Final Verdict

Miele is renown worldwide for its high-quality products. Although the Miele  Hyclean is more expensive than the Miele AirClean. It is your best bet when it comes to choosing a vacuum bag. It offers several advantages over the Miele Air Clean. It has a more efficient cleaning mechanism due to specialized fleece consisting of 9 layers that enable absorption of small-sized dust particles. It reduces the need for constant replacement due to its high volume of 6 liters. The  Miele HyClean is a heavy duty vacuum bag and outperforms other vacuum bags in the market easily.

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