McCulloch 1275 vs 1375: Which Steam Cleaner is Better?

The uses for a Heavy Duty Cleaner are almost endless. The McCulloch MC1275 and the McCulloch MC1375 are two pressurized steam cleaners from the McCulloch brand and they can both clean a wide variety of surfaces and appliances. A heavy duty cleaner will use hot water and steam to power through grease, grime, and stains. These 2 particular models can be used on floorings like tiles, grout, granite, hardwood floors, laminate. They can also be used on things such as cars, BBQs and grills. While  McCulloch MC1275 vs MC1375 have a couple of similar features, there are actually various differences.

McCulloch 1275 vs 1375

We are going to compare size, power, features and additional attachments that come with the MC1275 and the MC1375. Let’s begin with their shared features.

A standard heavy-duty cleaner will have between 1300w and 1700w of power. These models have 1500w. This is plenty for domestic use. The MC1275 and the MC1375 are suitable for use on the surfaces and appliances mentioned above. On top of that, the MC1375 is perfect for boats and RV’s, motorcycles and lawn equipment and tools. The MC1275 is also great for outdoor furniture, fixtures, and countertops. No chemicals are required for cleaning.

McCulloch MC1275 vs MC1375

McCulloch MC1275

McCulloch MC1275

  • Size: 20.1”x12”x12.6”/12lbs
  • Steam produced: 33-37 g/min
  • Pressure: 43psi
  • Power: 1500w
  • Water temperature/ heat up speed: 212ºF/ 8mins
  • Water tank: 48oz/ 45mins of steam
  • Steam features: Lockable steam trigger
  • Cord length: 15.7ft 
  • Hose length: 9ft
  • Accessories: 18
McCulloch MC1375

McCulloch MC1375

  • Size: 15.6”x12.1”x10.5”/10.78lbs
  • Steam produced: 15-31 g/min
  • Pressure: 58psi
  • Power: 1500w
  • Water temperature/ heat up speed: 200ºF /12mins
  • Water tank: 48oz/ 90mins of steam
  • Steam features: Variable steam
  • Cord length: 18ft
  • Hose length: 10ft insulated
  • Accessories: 20

So, now we start to examine the differences between the McCulloch 1275 vs 1375

McCulloch 1275 vs 1375: Appearance

McCulloch MC1275 parts

McCulloch MC1275 parts

Most pressurized heavy-duty cleaners have a motor and hose. They can be compact like a vacuum or upright. The will have wheels so that you can easily transport them.

The MC1275

This is a really compact machine. It is black and yellow and weighs just 12lbs. It is 20.1 x 13 x 12.6. It has 2 large wheels at the front and 2 smaller wheels at the back. The large on-off button is at the front.

The MC1375

It is also black and yellow but slightly different dimensions, 15. x 12.1 x 10.5. It weighs even less than the MC1275 at 10.78lbs. Under the handle, there are the settings buttons.

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The winner is- The MC1275

McCulloch 1275 vs 1375: Power

McCulloch MC1375 review

There are various ways to measure the power of a heavy duty cleaner. There is the wattage, the g/min (or the amount of steam it produces), the psi (the pressure it has) and also the temperature of the water.

The MC1275

It has 1500w, as we mentioned this is the average. It also has between 33-37g/min and 43psi. The water is heated to a temperature of 212ºF. The electrical cord is 15.7ft.

The MC1375

There is no difference in the wattage at 1500w. The steam produced is 15-31g/min and there is 58psi. The water is heated to 200ºF. You can enjoy a longer cord with 18ft. It has a 3-pin plug that reduces the chances of electrical shocks.

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The winner is- The MC1375

McCulloch 1275 vs 1375: Water tank and steam features

McCulloch MC1275 reviews

The water tank is what will add weight to your machine and it will also change the overall appearance. The lower the steam pressure, the longer the water will last. A water tank capacity will depend on what you choose to use your cleaner for, casual use for the car, or more frequent use for larger areas.

The MC1275

You will be able to fill the water tank with 48oz of water. This will be heated within 8 minutes and will provide 45 minutes of steam. We like this model because there is a lockable steam trigger so you don’t need to have your finger on the trigger for long periods of time. The steam hose is 9ft long.

The MC1375

The capacity of the tank is the same, 48oz. It takes 12 minutes to heat and once heated there are an impressive 90 minutes of steam. This model has the advantage of adjustable steam pressures depending on the amount of dirt. The steam hose is 10ft long and insulated.

The winner is – MC1375

McCulloch 1275 vs 1375: Accessories

McCulloch 1375 parts

McCulloch MC1375 Parts

The accessories you receive in the box will determine all the ways you can use the heavy duty cleaner. Microfiber pads allow you to clean floors while brushes will help scrub stubborn stains and greasy grills. Both these cleaners come with a huge amount of accessories.

The MC1275

In total there are 18 additional parts including microfiber pads, mop head, nylon utility brush, brass utility brush, scrub pad, triangle brush, extension wands, steam jet nozzle, and a squeegee.

The MC1375

The will be 20 added extras in this box. A large mop head, a scrapper, a triangle brush, large brush, extension wands, jet, and angled nozzle, round scrub pads, nylon utility brushes, brass utility brush, round brush, bristle brush attachment, microfiber and scrubbing mop, accessory net and storage bag.

The winner is- The MC1375

Pros and Cons for Both Models

If you haven’t been able to make your mind up yet, here are the pros and cons of the MC1275 and the MC1375 before we deliver our final verdict.

The MC1275


  • It works really well to kill bed bugs
  • It really does clean and sanitizes absolutely everything
  • Easy to move it around and the hose length is enough to reach high up.


  • Some of the parts seem like cheap plastic

The MC1375


  • It works really well for detailing cars
  • It is simple to set up
  • Excellent for removing mold in the bathrooms/ showers


  • The accessories are poorly made

The Final Verdict

We have chosen the MC1375 as the winner. Although we preferred the look of the MC1275, the actual power of the MC1375 made a huge difference, not to mention the longer cord and hose. We also liked the added safety features like the 3-pin plug and insulated hose. They are both excellent value for money considering how versatile they are but in this case, it is worth paying a little extra for the MC1375.



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