Bissell 1806 vs 1940: Which Steam Mop is Better?

There is no comparison between a traditional mop and bucket and a modern steam mop (Bissell 1806 vs 1940), the most significant difference being the hygiene. You don’t need to worry about chemicals or filling up a bucket, just plug in your steam mop and you are ready. The Bissell 1806 and the Bissell 1940 are perfect examples of powerful, effective well-priced stem mops.

These two models are part of Bissell’s Powerfresh line. You may wonder how different two steam mops may be? We are going to answer this question as well as looking at the features they have in common. We will compare the Bissell 1806 side by side with the Bissell 1940 so that you can make an informed decision.

Bissell 1806 vs 1940

Let’s begin with the similarities between the Bissell Powerfresh steam mops.

The Bissell 1806 and the Bissell 1940 can be used on hardwood, ceramic tiles, marble, and linoleum. Simply plug in the steam mop, make sure there is water in the tank and wait 30 seconds for the tank to heat up. There is an indicator light to let you know when it is ready. When you use either of these mops, you will be eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

The head of the 1806 and 1940 are 12” wide so there is a big surface pad to clean the floors. Both heads have viewing windows so you can see the dirt being cleaned up. The steam mops have swivel head steering and a looped handle. All of these features allow for easy cleaning.

Bissell 1806 vs 1940

Bissell 1806

Bissell 1806

  • Size: 9.5” x 13” x 46”/ 6.4lbs
  • Color: Sapphire blue and white
  • Power: 1450w
  • Cord length: 25ft
  • Water tank capacity: 12oz/ detachable
  • Usage: Hard floor/ceramic tiles/ marble/linoleum
  • Settings: High/ low
  • Extras: Onboard spot boost brush
Bissell 1940

Bissell 1940

  • Size: 11.6” x 7.1” x 28.6/ 6lbs
  • Color: Light blue and white
  • Power: 1500w
  • Cord length: 23ft
  • Water tank capacity: 16oz
  • Usage: Hard floor/ceramic tiles/ marble/linoleum /carpets
  • Settings: High/ medium/ low
  • Extras: Easy flip-down scrubber/ microfiber scrubby pad/ carpet glider/2 spring breeze fragrance discs

Now let’s start with the differences between the Bissell 1806 and the Bissell 1940.

Bissell 1806 vs 1940: Appearance

Bissell 1806 Usability

Steam mops come in a variety of colors but in general, the size of the machines are the same, with an average height of 45”. Weights will vary from 4.5lbs to 10lbs.  The look and weight of the mop will depend on the water tank it has.

The Bissell 1806

It weighs just 6.4lbs and is 9.5” x 13” x 46”. It comes in a sapphire blue and white. It actually looks quite slim in its design.

The Bissell 1940

It weighs slightly less at 6lbs but it is also smaller at 11.6” x 7.1” x 28.6”, perhaps not the best for taller people! It is light blue and white.

The Winner is – The Bissell 1806

Bissell 1806 vs 1940: Power

Bissell 1940 Review

A typical steam mop will require from 1000 to 1800 watts. The more wattage you have, the more powerful the steam. The power cord will be between 20ft and 30ft, the longer the cord the more area you can mop without changing outlets. Some steam mops will just have an on/off button, while others have multiple steam settings.

The Bissell 1806

With 1450w, it sits nicely around the market average. It has a 25ft cord and you can choose between two steam settings, high or low.

The Bissell 1940

It has 1500w, just a fraction more, whereas the cord is 23ft, so a fraction less. There are three power steam settings, low medium and high.

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The Winner is – The Bissell 1940

Bissell 1806 vs 1940: Water tank

Bissell 1806 Review

The size of the water tank will affect the overall appearance as well as the final weight of the steam mop. Larger water tanks mean you don’t need to fill them up as often. Both of the Bissell steam mops come with a measuring cup to easily refill the tank.

The Bissell 1860

The water tank has a maximum capacity of 12oz. The great thing is that you can detach the water tank to use the spot boost brush for areas that are especially sticky!

The Bissell 1940

The water tank has a maximum capacity of 16oz.

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The winner is – A Tie

Bissell 1806 vs 1940: Specific features

Bissell 1806 vs 1940 usability

The extras that come in the box allow you to transform your steam mop for other uses. Some mops come with extra pads, cleaning brushes or scrubbing pads.

The Bissell 1860

As mentioned, there is the spot boost brush. Aside from that, the only extra feature is the space on the head where you can add a fragrance disk (not included).

The Bissell 1940

It comes with a microfiber soft pad, a microfiber scrubby pad, and 2 spring breeze fragrance discs. You will also receive a carpet glider so you can use it on carpets and rugs. While it doesn’t have the spot boost brush, it does have an easy flip down scrubber on the head.

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The winner is – The Bissell 1940

Pros and Cons

A final look at the pros and cons will help you if you still can’t decide between the two.

The Bissell 1806


  • The spot brush works really well on grout
  • It is simple to put together, just one screw
  • It is so easy to use in all rooms of the house


  • It doesn’t have a very long lifespan

The Bissell 1940


  • The water tank lasts around 20 minutes
  • Refilling the water is easy and takes seconds
  • The floors are dry almost instantly


  • Flipping the scrubber down on the head can burn your toes

The Final Verdict

Despite its smaller size, we feel that the Bissell 1940 is the overall winner. It is a real shame that they haven’t made it at the standard height of 45” but the power, extra capacity in the water tank and all the extras that come with it allow you to steam mop anything in your home. Even the fact that it came with the fragrance discs was a benefit. We can’t imagine it costing Bissell a great deal to include them and they really should be sent with all steam mops that have the fragrance disc head.


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