BioBidet BB1000 vs BB2000: Which Bidet Toilet Seat Is Better?

BioBidet BB1000 vs BB2000

We can always expect good products from BioBidet, and that is the reason that they deserve a place amongst bestsellers. They do have a lot of models, so it makes it difficult to decide. In the battle between similar models, BioBidet BB1000 vs BB2000, which is the best for you?

BioBidet BB1000

BioBidet BB1000

  • Size: 20.8 x 15.6 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 16,5 pounds
  • Materials: Plastic, Metal
  • Color: White
  • Style: Elongated
  • Remote Controller: Yes
  • Features: Vortex Water Stream, Pulsating and Massage Cleaning, Soft Feminine Cleaning, Bubble Infusion
  • Heating type: Water tank
  • Heater: 660 Watts
  • Amperage Capacity: 5A
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty
BioBidet BB2000

BioBidet BB2000

  • Size: 20.8 x 15.6 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 15.55 pounds
  • Materials: Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Color: White, Stainless Steel.
  • Style: Elongated
  • Remote Controller: Yes
  • Features: HydroFlush ‘Inside-Out’ Cleaning, CleanSurge Rapid Self-Cleaning, Vortex Water Stream, Stainless Steel Nozzle, Pulsating, Massage Cleaning, Soft Feminine Cleaning, Bubble Infusion, Night light
  • Heating type: Hybrid- unlimited warm water
  • Heater: 1400 Watts
  • Amperage Capacity: 15A
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

BioBidet BB1000 vs BB2000

We will help you decide by comparing them by several characteristics that the majority of users feel are the most important:

  • Work Performance. This is important because you will certainly want this expensive item to work well.
  • Comfort and Capacity. You are going to sit on it so, you would want to be comfortable. How many washes in a row can it perform? Will someone have to wait their turn for a long time?
  • Is it easy to use and clean? These appliances are designed to do a specific job and have special features in order to do it. If they are not easily applicable and reachable, they are not of much worth. And it is important to be able to clean it after.
  • Design. Are they bulky, and ugly looking? Are they attachable to most of the toilet types?
  • Price. None of these appliances come cheap. But some of them have lower or higher prices than average.


BioBidet BB1000 vs BB2000: Work Performance

BioBidet BB2000 review

BioBidet BB1000

In short- this BioBidet does the job. Thanks to the aeration technology and the patented 3-in-1 nozzle system, the water stream is always sufficient and provides adequate cleaning.  A special feature on the Supreme BB-1000 is the patented Vortex wash (also known as Enema wash). Excellent posterior wash and softer feminine wash with bubble infusion technology are characteristic of this model. Other than that, there is a heated air dryer, massage, and oscillating mode.

You can control nozzle position, pressure, and temperature. You can also regulate the temperature of the seat and air dryer. With so many adjustments and options, it is almost impossible not to get good results. A powerful active carbon deodorizer provides clean air. Everything seems to be well designed and executed. The downside to all this is that all these options may be too complicated for some people who are just looking for a simple clean up job.

BioBidet BB2000

This model came after the BB 1000, so it can be viewed as an improved version. Everything that the older model does, the newer model does better.  The manufacturers kept all the popular and market-tested features and improved them.

A soft feminine washes with bubble infusion technology, heated air dryer, massage and oscillating mode, absolute control of the nozzle positions and water and air temperatures… These are all present and improved by the special stainless-steel nozzle, instantaneous heating system, and more user-friendly remote controller.

The Winner is BioBidet BB2000. It is more modern, and all the functions are improved compared to the BB1000.

BioBidet BB1000 vs BB2000: Comfort and Capacity

BioBidet BB1000 Review

BioBidet BB1000

The seat is quite comfortable, but the main issue is like with all water-tank type bidets. They store heated water, so they need space to do it, that is why they are bulkier. This translates to a smaller seat opening and a somewhat forward-leaning seating position.

Another downside to the water-tank system is that capacity is only enough for one wash. For the next one, you will have to wait 10 mins for the BB 1000 to re-heat the water, but 5 mins will at least make the temp acceptable.

But there are not only downsides to this system. One of the upsides is that it is more suitable for older buildings with old electricity installations. The 660 watts heater requires only 5 A power output.

The other one, which the users feel instantly, is that the water is warm from the first drop. Instant-heating systems do not provide that. The water flows over a heated coil, so it takes a second or two to get warm.

BioBidet BB2000

This model is a lot slimmer than the BB1000, so the seat opening is larger and the seating position is more comfortable.

Slimline is there thanks to the hybrid heating system. No need to store water and the result is 25 % less bulky seat. This system combines the speed of an instant-heating system and the comfort of the water tank. You will not feel the discomfort of the first second of cold water, and you will have an unlimited amount of warm water. The hybrid heating system has a 1400 watts heater that needs 15 A power inlet. But that is not really a problem since almost all buildings have better installation than that.

The winner is BioBidet BB2000. It s more comfortable thanks to the slim-line design and has an unlimited supply of warm water.

BioBidet BB1000 vs BB2000: Is it easy to use and clean?

BioBidet BB2000 Comparison

BioBidet BB1000

There are many features and all kinds of adjustments on this BioBidet, so it may take some time to get to know this electronic toilet seat. The remote can be confusing at first glance, but it is straightforward and easy to learn. The cleaning part is not that complicated, although some people complain that the plastic spray nozzle looks fragile, and they are afraid to apply any pressure. Not to worry, you can clean it with a toilet brush without a problem.

BioBidet BB2000

Not much difference from the BB1000. Some time may be needed to get used to controls, but you are in no hurry. People are always hurrying to the toilet, afterward- they have plenty of time…. The cleaning is easy. BB2000 is equipped with the easy-clean system- HydroFlush ‘Inside-Out’ Cleaning. CleanSurge Rapid Self-Cleaning is yet another cleaning feature. At the press of a button, the built-in motor repetitively extracts and retracts the nozzle while water flows over it.

The winner is BioBidet BB2000. It is slightly easier to use, and much easier to clean due to the many self-cleaning functions.

BioBidet BB1000 vs BB2000: Design

BioBidet BB1000

This model is on the market since 2004, so the time took its toll on the design. It is definitely not ugly, but it is somewhat outdated, especially the remote that resembles more of one for a hospital bed.

BioBidet BB2000

Several years younger, this electronic toilet seat is more modern, slimline, and with a modern remote controller. The touch-screen side panel with blue night light looks modern and simplifies the use.

The winner is BioBidet BB2000. It is no wonder since it is almost a decade younger.

BioBidet BB1000 vs BB2000: Price

BioBidet BB1000

With competition prices ranging from $100 to $1000, the BB1000 can be set somewhere in the middle of the price range, which makes it a good value for money. If you consider the build quality and features, it should be in the upper half.

BioBidet BB2000

The price sets it in the middle of the price range, but the qualities of this model definitely place it amongst the best in the category. This model is also a good value for the money. Considering the characteristics, it hardly comes as a surprise that BioBidet BB2000 costs more than BB1000. The difference is from 25% to 40%, depending on the discounts.

The winner is BioBidet BB1000. It is simply cheaper.

Pros and Cons

BioBidet BB1000


  • Good work performance
  • Many features and options
  • Suitable for really old buildings with weak electric installations.


  • Bulky, due to the water-tank system

BioBidet BB2000


  •  Excellent performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Many self-cleaning functions
  • Modern design


  • Higher price compared to BB1000

Final Verdict

This is a clear victory for the BioBidet BB2000, 4 to 1. But the score doesn’t tell the whole story. The BioBidet BB1000 is a great appliance, it just had bad luck running into a really strong opponent on this comparison test.

The final verdict is: if you can afford it, go for the BB2000. It is an excellent bathroom appliance. If you think that is too much money for an electronic toilet seat, then the BioBidet BB1000 is an excellent choice, because it does its job without a hitch.



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