Char Broil Advantage vs Performance Series: Which Gas Grills are Better?

Char-Broil is a company that never standstill. There are new models coming out frequently, and many of them are made exclusively for retail chains, so that can cause a lot of confusion. We are going to compare two series: Char-Broil Advantage vs Char-Broil Performance Series.

The company tries to cover all the price ranges for gas grills, so the result is a plethora of models than can be baffling for a first timer in grilling.

The price difference between Advantage and Performance series is pretty obvious, so it will be interesting if the saying “you get what you paid for” applies here.

For the Advantage Series, the contestants will be Char-Broil Advantage 2-Burner Gas Grill 463642015 and Char-Broil Advantage 4-Burner Gas Grill 463344116

For Performance series, the contestants will be Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet 463625219 and Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner 463377319.

Char Broil Advantage vs Performance Series

Char-Broil Advantage vs Performance Series

Now, the most important to consider when buying a gas grill are:

  1. Size of the grate
  2. Number of main and side burners (compared to the grate size)
  3. Overall quality
  4. How easy it to use and clean
  5. Value for money
 Advantage 2 Burner 463642015Advantage 4 Burner 463344116Performance 2 Burner 463673519Performance 4 Burner 463377319
Number of burners2424
Side burnersNo1no1
Single burner output10000 BTU7500 BTU12000 BTU9000 BTU
Total burner output20000 BTU30000 BTU24000 BTU36000 BTU
Size of the grate250450300425
Dimensions44 x 44 x 23 in45 x 56 x 21 in42.9 x 44 x 25 in50.4 x 45 x 25 in
Weight101 lbs185 lbs108 lbs195 lbs

The size of the grate is all about how much food can you cook in the round. The larger the grill, the more you can stack at once. You will spend a shorter amount of time by the grill and all the people will get their food at once.

The number of burners is essential because the more burners you get, the uneven heating and cold spots are avoided more easily, and you can create different temperature zones for different types of food.

The relation between the number of burners and the grate size is important because the results will not be the same with one burner per 100 square inches and 150 square inches.

Side burners are a neat addition if you want to make side dishes while barbequing or even cook a complete meal outside.

Overall quality. Even the cheapest gas grills are not cheap, so you would want your investment to last. It is likely to be kept outside, so the build and materials quality is even more important.

Cleaning. Barbeques are all fun and games, but no one likes to clean after. Did the manufacturer enable the process to go smoother?

Value for Money. We are all looking for a good deal.  Do these products offer more than they cost?

Size of the grate

Char-Broil Advantage 2 Burner

This Gas Grill has 250 sq. in. of primary cooking space. That is enough to place 10 burgers, or 2 chicken spatchcock, or 8 ribeyes, or 12 ears of corn. Portion per person is about two burgers.

This is a small-sized gas grill, but it is sufficient size for one family.

Char-Broil Advantage 4 burner

Char-Broil Advantage 4 burner

It has around 450 square inches of primary cooking space. That Is enough to place 20 to 25 burgers, or five chicken spatchcock, or 7 to 10 baby back ribs.  When taking into consideration that an average person portion is 2 burgers, the conclusion is that it is enough cooking space to feed a large family reunion.

The swing-away warming grill has a surface of 150 sq inches, and it is great for keeping food warm or melting cheese on the buns.

Char-Broil Performance 2-Burner Cabinet 

This Gas Grill has 300 sq. in. of primary cooking space, and it is 17.3-in x 17.2-in. That is enough to cook 15 burgers, or 3 chicken spatchcock, or 10 ribeyes, or 15 ears of corn in one go. Portion for an average person is about 2 burgers, so it is sufficient for a family barbeque.

The swing-away warming rack has a surface of 100 sq. in. It can be used for sides or toasting buns.

Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Gass Grill


Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner Cabinet 

This Gas Grill has 425 sq. in. of primary cooking space. That is enough to place 20 burgers, or 5 chicken spatchcock, or 15 ribeyes, or 25 ears of corn. Portion for an average person is about 2 burgers, so even a little league team can get their food al at once.

The swing-away warming rack has a surface of 150 sq. in. It can be used for sides or keeping the buns warm.

The winner is Char-Broil Advantage 4 burner. It has 425 square inches of grate space.

The number of burners.

Char-Broil Advantage 2 Burner

Total burner power is 20,000-BTU. This gas grill has two burners, and a with a grate size of 325sq inches, a ratio of 162 sq. inches/burner. That is not a stellar result, but the burners are not underpowered by much, so you can expect decent cooking times and results.

The downside is that it doesn’t have a side burner.

Char-Broil Advantage Gass Grill

Char-Broil Advantage 4 Burner

This model has 4 burners, and a total output of 30 000 BTUs. It also has larger grate, so the ratio is lower than the rest of the models, 167 sq. inches/burner. That makes it more likely to be impaired by cold spots or longer preheat time. Another drawback is the burner power. The downside is that with 7500 BTU per burner, it just reaches the bare minimum for the job.

The upside is the addition of the side burner. It is ideal for preparing sauces or sides while grilling. If you don’t want to use it, pull the lid down, and it becomes a nice prepping surface

Char-Broil Performance 2 burner

The total heat output is of this gas grill is 24,000-BTU, which is very nice, considering it has only two burners. The surface to burner ratio is 150 per burner, which is ok, and combined with medium-powered burners make the cold spots less likely to happen.

Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have a side burner.

Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner

Char-Broil Performance 4 burner

The total heat output is of this gas grill is 36,000-BTU, and the side burner has 10,000-BTU. It has 4 burners, so you will not have any trouble creating different heat for each section of the grate. That comes in handy when you are grilling foods that need different temperatures. The surface to burner ratio is 110 sq. inches/ burner, which is nice and makes up for the fact that the burners are not really strong, just 9000 BTU each. The side burner is can be used for preparing sauces or sides while grilling. If you pull the lid down, you get a nice food prepping surface.

The winner is Char-Broil Performance 4 burner, with four burners and a side burner, and a ratio of 110 sq. inches/burner.

Overall quality

Char-Broil Advantage Series

The overall impression is that quality is not really what it should be. It may look identical with Performance Series on paper: cast iron grates, stainless steel exterior, etc, but it is obvious that the materials used on this gas grill are thinner and lighter. That makes the Advantage Series grills feel a little bit flimsy.

Another drawback to thin materials is that they had to make the burners less powerful, so they wouldn’t damage those materials. All that translates to longer preheat time, more time needed for cooking…

Char-Broil Performance Series

The quality of the materials used is very satisfactory. The gas grill doesn’t look or feel cheap. Stainless steel exterior looks good and it is durable. Cast iron grates are heavy but durable.  The general feeling you get is that this s a good gas grill.

The winner is the Char-Broil Performance. it simply looks and feels sturdier and better built.

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Ease of use

Char-Broil Advantage

It is pretty easy to use. You will find knobs to control the burners and a nob for ignition. The grills have a temperature gauge on the top and an electronic ignition system. On the side of the shelves, there are holes for hanging Gear Trax accessories (which are optional). Everything is set up so a complete amateur can use it.

Is it easy to clean?

It is all relative. The removable cast-iron grates have porcelain coating, so the food will not stick to them, and will be relatively easy to wipe off. The grease pan can also be taken out and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Naturally, all this applies only if you clean it after use. If you wait too long and the fat and food get cold, they will stick and be more difficult to clean.

Char-Broil Advantage grill


Some users criticize that although the instructions say you can burn off the drippings by leaving it on high heat for some time, that doesn’t work each time. Cleaning is sometimes needed.

Another downside is that Advantage series grills are propane only. You can’t use natural gas.

Char-Broil Performance

It is also very simple to use. Like the Advantage Series, it has knobs for burner control and an Easy Electronic Ignition switch. On top of the lid is the temperature gauge so you can watch and change the temperature. On the sides of the shelves are holes for hanging optional Gear Trax accessories

Cleaning should not present a problem if you do it soon after use. The grates can be taken out for cleaning, and they are made of cast iron and coated in ceramic coating. That makes them great for cleaning, the food will not stick to the coating. The detachable grease tray and stainless-steel exterior are relatively easy to clean too.

Again, the easy cleaning part only applies if you are cleaning it after use.

Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Cart Liquid Propane Gas Grill


The only thing that the users are complaining about is the tiny holes on the flame shields. They can sometimes get choked by the fat and small pieces of food that are falling from the grates. That can require further cleaning.

The winner is Char-Broil Performance 2 burner., but not by much. It is easier to use simply because it has just two-burner knobs and smaller grates and grease pan to clean.

Value for money

Char-Broil Advantage

The build quality and the materials could be better, and the overall feeling is that this is not a really expensive gas grill. But for that price you can’t really expect much. The Advantage Series is an entry-level gas grill, so it understandable.

Char-Broil Performance

These are good gas-grills. For the price that is in the middle of the category (even at the lower half), you will get a solidly built gas grill.

All in all, a good product, worth the money.

The Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill

The winner is the Char-Broil Performance. It is more expensive than the Advantage Series, but it is still not expensive when matched to similar competitors.

Pros and Cons

Char-Broil Advantage


  • Well known manufacturer
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable price


  • Thin materials
  • Underpowered burners.

Char-Broil Performance


  • Well known manufacturer
  • Satisfying quality
  • Easy to use
  • A wide selection of models
  • Affordable price.


Flame protectors sometimes need cleaning.

Final Recount

Out of five categories, Char-Broil Performance won all five.  These are very similar products, and the main distinction is that Char-Broil Performance Series look and feel better.


Wrap Up

Similar products with similar characteristics. If you are looking for cheap entry to a barbeque world, Advantage Series could be a good choice. If you value better quality, then the Performance Series is an obvious choice.

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