5 Best Outdoor Electric Grills Reviews 2020

Top Outdoor Electric Grills Review for Barbecuing

Looking for something that can help you in gathering friends and family for an outdoor meal? A best outdoor electric grills will help you out. It will offer a great experience to the gathered people. The electric grills will take your meal party to another level. All will love a great barbeque dinner. You can easily cook delicious food by enjoying the beauty of nature. Electric grills for camping are becoming popular due to portability, functioning, and storage. It will allow you to prepare food quickly and you can present a wide variety of tasty food on the table with ease. 

Before you make your final mind just go through this article, here we will be discussing some top picked outdoor electric grills. You will be able to identify the benefits and features of these grills and will get help in selecting the best one.

5 Best Outdoor Electric Grills Reviews

Best Outdoor Electric Grills Reviews

Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill, Gray23.5 x 27 x 20.5 inches
29.5 pounds

George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, Silver, GFO240S11 x 20 x 20.5 inches17 pounds

Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill, 120V
21 x 12 x 9 inches
32.9 pounds

Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill with VersaStand22 x 11.8 x 17.6 inches
16 pounds

Oberdome EZQ-4016R EZQ-4016B Electric BBQ & Multi-Oven22.59 x 20.11 x 41.77 inches
17 pounds

Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill, Gray

Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill, Gray

It is one of our top choices electric grill from Weber. You will be impressed with the design of this grill. Due to its small size, you can easily place it anywhere and can enjoy the food. It comes with an ample cooking space so that you can easily prepare large quantities of food at a time. For the optimal durability, the body of this top outside electric grills is designed with aluminum and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates. It has resistance against rust so that you can easily place it outside in any climate. The 6-foot grounded cord will offer accessibility to connect with the power source easily. 


  • Large cooking area
  • No flame is created
  • It has a long cord.
  • It comes fully assembled.
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame
  • Infinite heat control settings

✖  Cons 

  • Not appropriate for indoor use.

George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, Silver, GFO240S

George Foreman Electric Grill

George Foreman is a well-known name in delivering the best quality outdoor grills. This grill comes with a large cooking area. You can easily prepare 15 servings at a time. This round shaped grill comes with a removable stand. Enjoy your cooking with this best outdoor grill. You can easily adjust the temperature of the grill for cooking the food perfectly. You will be free from charcoal, propane, and flare-ups. The non-stick coating of the grill does not produce any mess. It is durable and easy to clean. 


  • Apartment-Approved 
  • George Tough Nonstick Coating
  • Removable stand
  • Large cooking space
  • The handle offers convenient portability
  • It comes with three years of warranty.

✖  Cons 

  • It does not have removable grill plates.

Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill, 120V

Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill, 120V

This outdoor grill will make you and your family happy. It is designed with 304-grade stainless steel material, thus offering complete safety from the corrosion. You can freely keep it outside as it is rust-resistant. This tabletop grill offers you temps of 600 degrees, within 10 minutes. It has 155 square inches of grilling surface. It is dishwasher safe. You will get it at an exclusive 3-year direct replacement warranty.  From a safety point of view, it comes with a built-in GFCI power cord. It is easy to clean. 


  • It heats up fast
  • Durable fabric cover to protect from the elements
  • Stainless Steel Cart for freestanding capabilities
  • It’s durable and easy to clean.

✖  Cons 

  • The cord could be longer.

Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill with VersaStand
Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill with VersaStand

It is an outdoor portable electric grill that you can carry anywhere, depending upon the requirements. Due to its small size, you can easily place it at any location. The weight of this grill is 17 pounds. You can easily cook 6 to 10 chicken breasts, eight burgers, eight steaks, or 4 pounds of fish at once. It has a porcelain-enameled coated grill grate. You will get this at a 145-square-inch grilling area and telescoping stand. It heats up quickly and provides even heat so that your food gets prepared perfectly. It is perfect for condos, campers, RVs, decks, porches, apartments, and tiny homes.


  • Super-easy to use
  • Stores conveniently out of sight
  • Eliminates messy charcoal and dangerous flames
  • Powerful 1500 watt, 5120 BTU electric burner

✖  Cons 

  • Other grills of a similar size have more power.

Oberdome EZQ-4016R EZQ-4016B Electric BBQ & Multi-Oven
oberdome EZQ-4016R EZQ-4016B Electric BBQ & Multi-Oven

You can easily cook for a large group of people with this electric grill. This portable electric grill has a convenient structure along with an impressive look. It allows you to heat the meat more evenly and taste more delicious. This electric grill comes with innovative insulated lid and top and bottom heaters so that the user can cook much faster than conventional barbecue methods. It is a red-colored stylish electric outside grill. Its foldable warming grill keeps the food in temperature for good taste. You can easily complete your cooking and can present delicious meals without the need for charcoal, propane, or pellets. 


  • High capacity.
  • The effective temperature control feature.
  • Its weight is 17 pounds that offer ease of portability.
  • It is rustproof.

✖  Cons 

  • The grates are not removable. 

What to Consider When Buying The Best Outdoor Electric Grills 

Cooking Area

The cooking area of the grill plays an important role in determining the right grill for your home. If you have to use the grill for a large party, then you should go with the electric grill that offers a large area of cooking. It will help you in preparing the food for more people at a time. 

Temperature Control

You need a perfect amount of heat to cook meat and other food materials. It should have different options to set the temperature. Before taking the best outdoor electric grill, ensure what the maximum and minimum temperature of the grill is.  


Your pocket budget has a key role in deciding which grill you are going to buy. Lots of electric grills are available in the market that can fulfill your needs under your budget. You are already with the phrase that you will get the same for which you have paid. So you should invest in a good electric grill at once so that you can enjoy that for a long time. 

Length of Power Cord

The electric grills are popular due to the convenience and simple to use features. To get much flexibility, you should look after the length of the power cord. It should be sufficiently long so that it can reach the power outlets easily. It is said that if you use extension wire for providing the power to the grill, then it will lower the amount of power supply. So to get the effective power supply, you should plug the cord directly into the power outlet.   

Storage Area

Everyone uses different patterns or styles for using the outdoor electric grill. You may only require space to cook over the grill where others will require storage space so that they can easily place the warming tools and food so that it remains hot while others are cooking. You will get a wide range of grills that come with different space features, so you have to look after it seriously.


The electric grill with a timer is a handy tool that helps a lot in cooking. You can cook food without any stress of burning or under-cooked. Just set the timer, and your grilled food is ready. It is one of the most important features that you should not ignore. This will make your grill cooking experience much easier and resultful.   

Non-Stick Surface

Nobody likes it when the food gets stuck with the grill. This makes the situation a little uncomfortable for cooking.  A big mess is generated when the food starts sticking over the surface. Keeping this point in mind, you should always consider the non-stick surface grill so that you do not face any problem during cooking. The grill comes with grates that are perfect one; it will add a wonderful experience in cooking over the grill. 



If you are missing the thrill of grilling, due to the small place or restriction of using charcoal or something else as it creates smoke that is not permitted in most of the colonies. To solve this problem, there is an alternative, outdoor electric grills that is convenient for grilling the food and enjoying dinner with your friends and family. No mess is created and easy to clean functionality adds plus points to these electric grills. You can easily place it anywhere due to its compact size. For your more comfortability, we have described some top pick outdoor electric grills on which you can trust. 


Yes, it is quite easy to clean the electric grills. It comes with advantages that there is no residue of charcoal and other material that you have to fix after cooking the food over the grill.
Preheating of the electric grill is recommended by the experts so that you can easily cook the food. By doing this, you can achieve the desired heat as you can achieve by the charcoal and another type of grills.
Sure, you can easily place your electric grill outside during all weather conditions. Only keep in mind that when you plug the power cord, it is in dry condition. To protect the outer shell, you can cover it perfectly.
Yes absolutely. You will experience much of easiness with the grill when you are supposed to take a healthy diet. You can cook the food in the way you are needing. It does not give you any smoke or any type of smell that will affect your health.
Yes, you can use an extension cable to supply power to the electric grill. But there will be a difference in the result if you will be giving direct power to the grill, or you will be giving an extension power supply to the grill. It is so because a lower amount of power is supplied to the grill via an extension cable.

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