Best Fire Pits Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

The correct fire pit can be an awesome expansion to your garden, giving an eye-catching look that is as much a pragmatic bit of warming and cooking gear as it is attractive and decorative.

Purchasing the correct fire pit, be that as it may, can be time taking and little tricky There is an enormous assortment available, in various shapes and measures, and a ton of specialized gobbledygook to swim through.


We have spent our time and have collected some of the best fire pits for you with the buying guide. Along these lines, right away, here is our pick of the best fire pits.

Best Fire Pit Review

Bentintoshape 35” Stainless Steel Fire PitBentintoshape 35” Stainless Steel Fire Pit35 x 35 x 24 inches156 pounds

Camco 51210 18-Inch Portable Deluxe Outdoor Fire PitCamco 51210 18-Inch Portable Deluxe Outdoor Fire Pit25.7 x 19.5 x 14 inches.49 pounds

Peaktop Concrete Intricate Design Charcoal and Wood Burning Fire PitPeaktop Concrete Intricate Design Charcoal and Wood Burning Fire Pit27.17 x 27.17 x 22.83 inches39.78 pounds

Landmann 28335 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit
Landmann 28335 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit29.5 x 29.5 x 23 inches29.1 pounds

Peaktop HF29402A Square Column Propane Gas Fire Pit Peaktop HF29402A Square Column Propane Gas Fire Pit 19.49 x 19.49 x 29.13 inches55.1 pounds

Bentintoshape 35” Stainless Steel Fire Pit

This 35” fire pit is constructed with the stainless steel metal to offer durability. It has a 4-inch deep fire bowl. This fire pit has a brushed beautiful finish. It is a modern and beautiful fire pit that comes with remote tank gas kits. It is constructed of stainless steel that offers you the flexibility to use it as the tab to use for cocktail parties when it is not in use. This fire pit at one tank can work for approx 8 to 14 hours. It has a propane tank and one hinged door on one side. This Bentintoshape fire pit has a 20 lbs propane tank.

Bentintoshape 35” Stainless Steel Fire Pit

The fire pits come with a 1-year warranty. The dimension of the product is 35 x 35 x 24 inches. This stylish fire pit is perfect for candlelight dinner or any night party. It also works as a decorative addition for your lawn and backyard. You can use it with natural wood or with the help of ceramic logs. 


  • It is made up of durable material.
  • Can be used as a decorative object.
  • Does not take long to set up
  • The size is large enough and offers suitable heat.
  • It arrives completely assembled.


  • Does not include glass media, lava rock, or optional fire bowl cover.
  • It is a little costly.

Camco 51210 18-Inch Portable Deluxe Outdoor Fire Pit

It is beautiful and easy to use the fire pit. It has an attractive metal portable fire ring that is suitable for open-air patios, porches, decks, and backyards. You do not have to worry about the cleaning. There is no need to gather firewood, and no ash or mess to clean up afterwards. The adjustable regulator of this fire pit allows you to control the size of the fire and extinguish it on a whim. The lava rocks heat up with the fire to deliver additional heat. 

Camco 51210 18-Inch Portable Deluxe Outdoor Fire Pit

The Patio Fire Pit features a 6-1/2” elevated fire tray with a full burner ring for a propane-fueled, realistic-looking fire. It allows you to light the fire without placing a lighter near the fuel source. The fire tray diameter is 16-1/2 inches with 65,000 BTU/HR maximum output. It is a reliable and convenient fire pit that you should try at least once. 


  • 16-1/2 inch diameter fire tray. 
  • Piezo igniter sparks to ignite propane at the push of a button.
  •  Attractive copper and black in colour.
  • It is durable and portable
  •  6-1/2 inch elevated fire tray. 
  • Included storage cover. 
  • Minimal assembly required.


  • It does not have a lid.
  • It ships with lava rocks only
  • It’s not really large enough to warm a crowd.

Peaktop Concrete Intricate Design Charcoal and Wood Burning Fire Pit

This fire pit has a unique and beautiful design. It is a durable and reliable fire pit that adds beauty to your lawn and patio. This product comes with a spark screen, poker, grilling grate, BBQ grill for the convenience, and more flexible use of the user. It has a protective fire barrier that is effective for controlling the fire. It is the perfect addition to your bonfire party. Accumulate the entire family around and cook marshmallows and recount to vampire stories around your own one of a kind Round Intricate Design Burning Fire Pit. Little flames are securely protected and have the ability to bring the fun of nature to your own one of a kind backyard. Get into a portion of the great today with this wonderful fire pit. The dimension of this fire pit is 27.17 x 27.17 x 22.83 inches and weight is 35.3 pounds. 

Peaktop Concrete Intricate Design Charcoal and Wood Burning Fire Pit

It is a worthwhile purchase for every homeowner. Since this fire pit design has four legs that keep it away from the ground.


  • It comes with Spark Screen, Poker, Grilling Grate, BBQ Grill.
  • It has a protective barrier.
  • It is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Built with a durable exterior for prolonged use.  


  • The material does not handle the heat. 
  • It can rust if left outside in the environment for a long time with no use.

Landmann 28335 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit

It is a multi-purpose fire pit. Benign lightweight, you can easily take it anyplace. This fire pit beautifully fits your small or large backyard. It has a deep 12.5” fire bowl that offers a warm feeling for a long duration. It has a full circle handle so that you can conveniently use it anywhere you want. It has a huge 37 in. solid steel poker. 

Landmann 28335 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit

The design of stars and moons are only made for designing or appearance purposes. This helps in the proper circulation of air so that heat should be generated properly. With its three sturdy legs, you will be tension free that it is away from the ground. For convenient cooking, this fire pit comes with a 22.5-inch porcelain cooking grate. The spark guard of the fire pit is effective in providing protection from unwanted embers. 


  • Ring handles for ease of portability
  • Poker and spark screen included 
  • Cooking grate included
  • Has heavy-duty spark guard


  • Does not have a drainage hole at the bottom in case of rain 
  • May be prone to dent and rust, but maybe avoided with extra care

Peaktop HF29402A Square Column Propane Gas Fire Pit 

If you are looking for high-quality additions for your outdoor space then this is the best fire pit. It is a 20 inches brown cloured stylish fire pit that comes with a propane gas tank. This fire pit is featured with the CSA certified burner. It burns smoothly and efficiently without generating more smoke. This is a sturdy and lightweight fire pit. The design of this fire pit gives the idea that it is designed skillfully. It includes poker, Fire Pit spark screen, 3KG lava rock. 

Peaktop HF29402A Square Column Propane Gas Fire Pit

The dimension of this product is 19.49″(L) x 19.49″(W) x 29.13″(H). It is beautifully designed with concrete material. This Peaktop fire pit has a beautiful stone finish that will add a touch of elegance to your patio. This runs on propane thus you do not have any need to offer wood for the fire. The interior of this fire pit is hollow and perfectly hides the fuel tank. It kicks off up to 40,000 BTU that offers ample amounts of heat on chilly nights. 


  • Burns efficiently.
  • Low smoke generated
  • Attractive design
  • Durable and reliable
  • Has an excellent heat production and distribution
  • Perfect to use at any space


  • The ignition can be temperamental when used but functional
  • Have to assemble before use.


Things You Should Know Before Buying A Fire Pits

✔ Style

Fire pits come in a wide variety of sizes and structures that can fit with any terrace style and property holder needs. The matter is about finding the correct one for you. A right fire pit arranges properly with your current lawn structure in style, shading, shape, or material. 

Choosing a fire pit that fits in with the general scene style, suggests picking a model that suits how you plan to utilize it. Search for highlights that fit you and your family. If you’d like the capacity to lay the glass on the edge of a fire pit, for instance, ensure there is a sufficient lip around it so you won’t end up with warm wine following five minutes.

✔ Wood-Burning Laws

First off, you can’t utilize wood-consuming fire pits on secured patios, nor is it fitting to utilize them under low branches or in blustery territories. 

Confirm with your homeowner for limitations relating to outside fire pits, chimneys, or burning wood. A few locales impose fines for infringement. Keeping in mind the wellbeing and property limitations, a district may have wood-consuming or fire pit laws for those tending flames younger than 18. 

✔ Types of Fuel

fuel used for firepitPick among three fuel alternatives: wood, propane, or gaseous petrol. Wood-consuming fire pits offer the great popping fire sound however are progressively controlled because of natural worries about air-contaminating smoke. Propane and flammable gas offer the upsides of being sans smoke, simpler to tidy up, and snappier to turn on and off. 

✔ Materials

Fire pits arrive in an assortment of materials, including stone, metal, concrete, or a blend of various materials. Pick a material that suits your desire, facilitates with the structure of your lawn, and holds up well to stains and continuous use. 

The concrete fire pits are solid yet can recolour from ash. Powder-covered metal is solid yet can get hot. Normal stone is extraordinary yet again can stain and once in a while will split from the heat if not fabricated effectively.

✔ Permanent or Portable?

You can have permanent or portable fire pits depending upon the area, budget, and material that are used for crafting the fire pits. Your residential property guidelines will direct where your fire pit can and can’t be used in your yard. Different interesting points while picking an area for a fire pit incorporate space imperatives, fuel type, and how you would prefer to utilize the fire pit.

✔ Cost

cost effective firepitMost fire pits are simple on the spending plan, with a decent, safe model accessible at an affordable price. The fire tables and pits that utilize progressively costly materials can be a little costly. An exceptionally constructed fire pit highlight utilizing common stone and other modified highlights can cost a few thousand dollars.

✔ Safety

Consider fire-safety estimates while working an open-air fire pit and take measures to diminish chance. Ensure everybody in the house realizes what process is used to put out the fire highlight, and never leave small kids unattended around the flares. 

The fire pits ought to be placed in any event 10 feet from structures, on level ground, and in an open region without overhanging trees. 

✔ Firepit safety 

Fire pits are, above all else, an open fire. Like most open flares, they should be treated with deference and alertness. So here are two or three wellbeing tips for when you are utilizing your fire pit. 

  • Utilize the poker to open the fire pit entry point, move the logs around, change the situation of the mesh, and so on. The explanation most fire pits accompany a poker is to get your hands far from all the hot metal and fire. 
  • When utilizing a table fire pit, don’t put anything on the table segment that you would need to reach over the fire to get. 
  • With chimineas and bowl fire pits, place them in any event 10 feet from different surfaces and be sure that the warmth they produce may stain the surface under them. 
  • Leave the debris in your fire pit, in any event, six to eight hours before clearing it out. Coals and debris can remain hot for much longer than you might suspect. 
  • Try not to pour water onto the remains. The steam can singe you, and the water can erode your fire pit.


Frequently Asked Questions

✍ By definition, a fire pit is an opening intended to contain a fire and to keep it from spreading. Fire pits are additionally a beautifying frill for your open-air living territory to give magnificence, warmth, and vibe. The fire pits come in wood, gas, and propane consuming styles. You will also find them in various shapes, for example, square shape, round, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, and rectangle.
✍ Yes, if your fire pit has a feature that offers you accessibility to cooking then definitely you can cook over it. But it is not recommended. Some of the fire pits come with the cooking apparatus so according to the feature of your fire pit you can do cooking over it. 
✍ You might be experiencing this type of sound due to the flex line of the fire pit. You can also check the gas pressure of your fire pit to get the correct source of the sound. And you can make necessary arrangements that are required for controlling them.  
✍ You can prepare your fire pits with several materials. You have the option of bricks, pavers, concrete, and retaining wall blocks. You can also craft your fire pit with the metal planters, flower pots, and even glass.
✍ It is recommended that you should put sand under your fire. You can put 2 thick layers of sand below the bottom of the fire pit. The sand at the bottom evenly distributes the heat and soaks up the heat to offer long duration warmth.  Also, check the user manual that is provided along with the product to get the right information. 
✍ Every fire pit requires sufficient air holes so that proper combustion may take place. The presence of oxygen helps in burning. The holes present in the fire pits must be cleaned regularly so that proper burning should be done and you may experience the right amount of warmth from the fire pit.



It does not matter where and what you use it, the structure and usefulness of the fire pits make it an incredible expansion to make your home warm and comfortable. Regardless of whether for open-air fun and exercises or a tranquil time with loved ones, it has all that you need and want and considerably more. Multi-useful and advantageous to utilize, it offers a few choices and extraordinary highlights that suit your style.

Finding the best may consistently require heaps of examination and perusing huge amounts of surveys, however, once you unmistakably comprehend and know your needs and what you need. Having the agenda on interesting points can be colossal assistance too.

The best fire pit has ideal warmth yield, safe to utilize, and simple to work. It is a result of these reasons that these fire pits stood apart from the rest. Whichever you pick, you can promise you will have the best fire pit available. Toward the end, the decision will all come down to your very own need and uses.


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