160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine: Which Engine is Better?

You may love it, you may hate it, your neighbors may quit you into doing it, either way at some point, you are going to mow your lawn. It’s not just the size of the lawn that you need to consider, it is also the type of grass and the frequency that it needs cutting. If it’s not your favorite job in the world, it is worth buying a lawnmower that you are going to enjoy.

There are a great number of buying options when it comes to lawnmowers and many aspects will depend on personal preferences, for example, gas or electric, cordless, push lawnmowers, etc. Some people are loyal to a brand. The one thing you should definitely consider is the cc of the engine.

In this article, we are going to look at the difference in the 160cc vs 190cc lawn mover engines. We will look at how they differ in use, the price range, and obviously the power. While we aren’t going to focus on any particular brand, we will mention a couple of the most popular models for each engine size. Let’s begin with understanding what cc means.

160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine

160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine

What is cc?

Cc stands for Cubic Centimeters of volume and it is used to measure the volume of an internal combustion engine cylinders. Inside the cylinders, fuel is burnt to generate mechanical energy, the power needed to drive the engine.

The higher the CC, the more capacity an engine has because it is able to impress more air and fuel in one stroke. Ccs can also be shown in liters. 1 liter (or 1.0L) is the same as 1000cc (or 1000cm3). When you are looking at buying a lawnmower, the engine cc is one of the most important things to look at. The 190cc lawn mower has more power.

190cc Lawn Mower Engine

Engine Torque

Torque is basically the turning force that rotates an object on its axis, in this case, the blades.

The more powerful the engine, the more torque there will be. A 190cc lawn mower engine will have a greater torque which means that you will notice a faster, smoother mowing experience.

The uses

190cc Lawn Mower

Because of the power difference, it is best to choose an engine size based on the work you need to do in your garden. For smaller areas that just require a bit of a tidy up will do just fine with a 160cc lawn mower engine.


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Fuel Consumption

As there are other factors that will affect the fuel consumption (brand, weight, uses) it is almost impossible to say exactly how much a 160cc lawn mover engine or a 190cc lawn mower engine is going to consume in fuel.

When your lawnmower has a larger engine it will use more fuel with each revolution, i.e each turn of the blades. The smaller engine size will generally use less fuel. Another thing to bear in mind, the 190cc engines will need to be refueled more often.

160cc Lawn Mower

Time Consumption

As you can imagine, with the extra cc, the 190cc lawn mower engine is going to work faster than a lawnmower with a 160cc. Not only this but you are less likely to get jams and therefore have to keep stopping to clear out the blades.

Price Range

For a 160cc lawnmower, you will be looking at average prices from $180 to $300. Some of the most popular brands are Honda, GreenWorks, and PowerSmart.

The prices are going to be higher for a 190cc lawn mower engine, starting at around $250 and reaching around the $800 mark. Honda is also a popular brand for this engine size, as well as Toro and Briggs and Stratton.

Pros and Cons

The following pros and cons will help summarize the information above.

160cc lawn mower engine


  • They are generally lightweight and slightly quieter
  • They are more cost-efficient
  • Even 160cc is powerful enough for most lawns


  • They won’t work as well on tough/dense grass, like weeds

190cc lawn mower engine


  • They are much better for more strenuous jobs and even commercial use
  • The extra power will help if you have to mow hills
  • They are a better choice for wetter climates


  • They are more expensive to buy and run

The Final Verdict

After trying both engine sizes on a variety of lawn types, it is safe to say that you won’t notice a great deal of difference in the power is you are cutting a simple, flat, grassy lawn. Both engine sizes are fast and efficient.

The difference comes when you have a lawn that is not even, or it’s not just grass. We felt that the 190cc made an easy job of those areas where you would have to pass over a couple of times with a 160cc engine. Mulching and bagging were easier and there was definitely a superior result when mowing wet grass. We noticed that much less effort was required from us when using a 190cc lawnmower on more challenging lawns. Overall, we decided that even though they are more expensive, your lawnmower is going to last for years so it is worth investing a little more if your grass tends to be awkward.

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